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[Poké] Voltage: A No, No, No Sort Of Thing

MarshmallowMarshmallow DuboDubonRegistered User regular
edited April 2017 in Critical Failures

The bitter stalemate eventually signified the end of the war. Already waged too long for any side to claim anything but the worst of pyrrhic victories. They'd all gone much too far to turn back, but lost too much to dare continue. The only prize left to take for those still standing was retreat and survival.


Peace was finally brokered, out of desperation, a lack of remaining options, and at a steep cost. What remained of the Empires shattered, trade routes fell unused, even the main roads were quickly abandoned and overgrown, leaving fractured collections of insulated city-states where nations once stood.

That was 20 years ago.


The lands outside the towns and cities grew untamed. There was barely enough people left to protect what was left of civilization, let alone venture out and pacify the surrounding wilds. The forests, plains, and mountains were reclaimed by their original inhabitants...


Times are changing once again. The region has recovered incrementally over the past two decades, slowly but surely communities have regained their feet and thrown off the lingering specter of war. Proud adventurers and canny travelers uncover the old routes, blazing trails to renew nearly forgotten bonds of kinship and trade with the nearby towns.


Tempered by the wisdom and pain of the past, but looking towards the future, the World of Pokemon enters a new age.


What is this?

A Pokemon tabletop game with homebrew system and karate chop action.



It's complicated. The trappings of Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan mashed up with lods of ePokemon with the tone and mysticism of Princess Mononoke is close enough.


System Info



Thread Titles?

Edits before November 1st, 2012 have been lost to the sands of time.

[Poké] Voltage: Don't Call It A Comeback
[Poké] Voltage: Oh No, He's Throwing Ninjas At Me
[Poké] Voltage: Oh No, Downtime Is Over
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[Poké] Voltage: Legendary Pokemon Are Very Droll
[Poké] Voltage: Now You Asked Furret
[Poké] Voltage: Woop Woop I Ain't Playin' Around
[Poké] Voltage: Touch Weezing, Get Dizzy
[Poké] Voltage: The Joke Is That It's Calvinball
[Poké] Voltage: Where's An Exeggcute?
[Poké] Voltage: Sly Ekkapti and the Thievius Furretus
[Poké] Voltage: 'Mon Down
[Poké] Voltage: I Came, I Saw, Ivysaur
[Poké] Voltage: Capitalism, Ho!
[Poké] Voltage: Of Course You Know, This Means Wartortle
[Poké] Voltage: Poliwag Dancin' On Your Grave
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[Poké] Voltage: Hive Is Bugs and Other Soppy Tripe
[Poké] Voltage: And Not a Psyngle Duck Was Given
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[Poké] Voltage: Back to the Status Quo
[Poké] Voltage: Ain't No Rest For the Wooper, TM44 Don't Grow on Trees
[Poké] Voltage: It Isn't True What They Say. Think, Think, Think, I Do That
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[Poké] Voltage: If A Pokémon Is Treated As A Friend, It Will Return The Sentiments
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Necro[Poké]Volticon: And Other Childish Things
[Poké] Voltage XD: And Other Terrible Emoticons
[Poké] Voltage: Still Just a Rattata in a Cage
[Poké] Voltage: Shake, Grotle & Roll
[Poké] Voltage: I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire
[Poké] Voltage: A Fistful of Volts
[Poké] Voltage: For a Few Volts More
[Poké] Voltage: The Good, the Bad, and the Gastly
[Poké] Voltage: Dwebble Without a Pause
[Poké] Voltage: For Sale - Apricorn, Never Used
[Poké] Voltage: Feeling So Fly (Like an HM02)
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[Poké] Voltage: V-Created A Monster, 'Cause Nobody Wants To See Marshtomp No More
[Poké] Voltage: If You're Havin' Ground Problems I Feel Bad For You, Son
[Poké] Voltage: I Have Run Out Of PP, This Is My Last Resort
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[Poké] Voltage: Do Not Pursue Mewtwo
[Poké] Voltage: Good, Bad, I'm the Guy with the Water Gun
[Poké] Voltage: Most Shocking Comeback (In The History Of Ever)
[Poké] Voltage: Make One Wrong Move And It'll Kick Your Grass
[Poké] Voltage: Guns, Smog, and Steel Types
[Poké] Voltage: And Heatran, Heatran So Far Away
[Poké] Voltage: Zubat Country
[Poké] Voltage: Gotta Follow The Laws Of The Wild Pokémon
[Poké] Voltage: Level With Me
[Poké] Voltage: I'm Dying, Squirtle
[Poké] Voltage: Never Cut A Deal With A Dragon Type
[Poké] Voltage: Some People Visit The Daycare, I Use Guillotine
[Poké] Voltage: Sic Semper Tyrantrum
[Poké] Voltage: Anyways Here's Wonder Guard
[Poké] Voltage: Don't You Believe In Clefairies?
[Poké] Voltage: Living A Shellder'd Life
[Poké] Voltage: Ix Nay On The Luxray
[Poké] Voltage: Cave Diem
[Poké] Voltage: If You Get An Outfit You Can Be A Trainer Too
[Poké] Voltage: Grass Is Not A Creative Type
[Poké] Voltage: Rock Smash Rock
[Poké] Voltage: Ground Down By A Marowak
[Poké] Voltage: Pokémononoke
[Poké] Voltage: Nasty Plots & Ominous Expositions
[Poké] Voltage: Swing Low, Sweet Pidgeot
[Poké] Voltage: In The Hall Of The Nidoking
[Poké] Voltage: It Can't Be Skrelp'd
[Poké] Voltage: Sandslash Dot Dash Dot
[Poké] Voltage: Here There Be Dragonite
[Poké] Voltage: The Beautifly Effect
[Poké] Voltage: When It Rains, Simipours
[Poké] Voltage: Hello Darkrai, My Old Friend
[Poké] Voltage: This Isn't Even My Final Stage
[Poké] Voltage: Life, The Universe, And Nidoking
[Poké] Voltage: Where Trainers Go, Pokémon Follow
[Poké] Voltage: Where There's A Will, There's A Wailord
[Poké] Voltage: Your Munna Or Your Life
[Poké] Voltage: Does What Nintendon't
[Poké] Voltage: Zombie Ghost Types, Leave This [pbp]
[Poké] Voltage: Pocket. Monster. POCKETMONSTER
[Poké] Voltage: Hip Hoppip And You Don't Stop
[Poké] Voltage: Hail To The Kingler
[Poké] Voltage: Get Ready, Get Set, Golett
[Poké] Voltage: Flareon My Wayward Son
[Poké] Voltage: Alomomola Bill, Y'all
[Poké] Voltage: Can't Stop The Solrock
[Poké] Voltage: Lunar Or Later
[Poké] Voltage: Trainers! Welcome to Diancie!
[Poké] Voltage: Tons More Energy Than I Know What To Do With
[Poké] Voltage: Tons More Exp Than I Know What To Do With
[Poké] Voltage: Out And A Drought
[Poké] Voltage: Nunc Est Bibarel
[Poké] Voltage: The Real Pocket Monster Is Man
[Poké] Voltage: All These Deus, All Over The Pleus
[Poké] Voltage: Five Years Of Fire Blast
[Poké] Voltage: Little Stealthy... "Friendliness Rocks"
Danger! Danger! [Poké] Voltage!
[Poké] Voltage: A No, No, No Sort Of Thing


And that's about that. Olive will be used for IC posts, with occasional use of Chocolate for emphasis. If this hurts your eyes on your monitor let me know and we can figure out something more suitable (I think it looks good though).

Characters will be accepted for an indeterminate amount of time. Probably at least a couple days, and I will give a day or two notice before I close signups and prepare to begin.

New players are accepted pretty much always. Just say hi and make a character or something.

Any further questions may be asked in this thread, sent in a PA Forum PM to me, or asked on the official Voltage IRC chat at #voltage.

Marshmallow on


  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Various bits of reference/inspiration, if anyone's interested.

    Marshmallow on
  • Halos Nach TariffHalos Nach Tariff Can you blame me? I'm too famous.Registered User regular
    So it's like Feudal, Monster Hunter pokémon? Sounds interesting, any idea what sort of time-frame this thing will be running for?

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    Depends on how long it takes me to get bored, unfortunately! Most of my games tend to last at least a couple months, with varying update post rates, couple times a day to every couple days depending on how active players are and how awful I'm currently being.

    Feudal/Monster Hunter-y Pokemon is about right, too! I'm leaving vast swathes of the setting blank so players and myself can fill things in as they please during character gen and actual play.

    Also, I transcribed the rules over the course of an hour or two, hastily, so forgive me if they seem weird or hard to read. I'll try and clean them up later and as always feel free to ask questions if you have no idea what you are doing.

  • CapfalconCapfalcon Tunnel Snakes Rule Capital WastelandRegistered User regular
    So... it's pretty much Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition?

    I may whip something up for this.

  • WhytherWhyther Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Hudson Tong

    Hudson's family lived simply; hunting and trapping in the forested wilds not too far from Malachite town. It was a relaxed life, lived in deference to the spirits of nature, and their small abode remained relatively unmolested by the wilderness, for a time.

    In recent years, game grew increasingly sparse, and the dangers of living apart from the protection of civilization grew increasingly apparent. Hudson, while on a long, fruitless hunt, was horrified to encounter the gaunt, pale form of an Absol, a pokémon known to be a harbinger of havoc and misfortune. It darted away--towards the direction of his family's hut. He raced after it, hoping to kill the monster before it could cause harm, but it outran him and he lost its trail. He returned to his home to find his parents and siblings all dead, slashes and cuts all over. He was so appalled by the gruesome sight that he fled without preparing the proper burial rites, a shameful act that haunts him to this day.

    He moved to Malachite town to become a Pokémon trainer, with the Goal of hunting down and killing the Absol he believes killed his family. He Believes that the spirits of his parents, brothers and sisters cannot rest until he has served vengeance, and that their restless ghosts haunt him in his sleep. He is superstitious, and adorns himself with charms and scrolls to protect from curses, spirits, and witchcraft, which he Fears deeply.

    He is a Determined [1] Hunter [3]. In combat he makes use of a hunting bow, a Ranged weapon suitable for the Dense forest.

    Esther the Nosepass

    Esther is a Rock type Pokémon. She is Resistant to Fire, Normal, Poison, Flying, and Dark moves, but Weak to Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Electric moves. She is stoic in Demeanor, but her Need to be decorated-- by paint, beads, hats, or other adornments-- means that she usually makes an impression. A Quirk she possesses is that she enjoys spooking others by pretending to sleep, then jumping up quickly to surprise them. She has for stayed relatively still in front of Malachite town's temple for years, and Hudson befriended her with frequent visitations and the occasional painting.

    She is a Steadfast [4] but Mischievous [2]. In combat she begins by sending out a paralyzing Thunder Wave[Electric, Harassing/Open], followed by a Rock Throw[Rock. Ranged/Hazardous] at her helpless target.

    Hudson Tong - [Hunter 3] [Determined 1]
    Goal - To avenge his family's deaths.
    Belief - Restless spirits haunt the world, waiting for wrongs to be righted.
    Fear - Ghosts, Curses, and Witchcraft.
    Weapon - Hunting Bow [Ranged/Dense]

    Esther - [Steadfast 4] [Mischievous 2]
    Species: Nosepass
    Demeanor: Stoic
    Needs: To be decorated.
    Quirk: Surprises and spooks others.
    Type: Rock
    Moves: Thunder Wave[Electric, Harassing/Open], Rock Throw[Rock, Ranged/Hazardous]
    Weakness: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Electric
    Resistances: Fire, Normal, Poison, Flying, Dark

    (Are there limitations for starter Pokémon? Is a Nosepass okay?)

    Whyther on
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Capfalcon wrote: »
    So... it's pretty much Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition?

    I may whip something up for this.

    Yet another major inspiration, that I somehow forgot to mention.

    I also rather enjoyed the bits in the actual Pokemon games that hinted at the past. Things like the Bellsprout Tower and the monks that lived there, the Pokemon Tower in Lavender, the various myths in that library in Sinnoh, and so on.
    Whyther wrote: »
    (Are there limitations for starter pokémon? Is a Nosepass okay?)

    Busy dealing with an Unexpected Parental Visitation to my Habititation, but your character looks fine, Whyther, glad to have you onboard. Looks really good, too.

    There isn't really any hard limitations on Starters, you don't even need to have a Not Fully Evolved Pokemon if you don't feel like it. Same dealio for Trainer Traits, equipment, and so on. I figure people will be relatively sane with their choices and if they need to dial things down (or up, even), I will let 'em know and we can work things out to our satisfaction.

    Expanding further on the "game starts when you graduate and receive your Starter Pokemon" thing, the beginning of the game may not necessarily be the first time you've ever met your Starter Pokemon. It's not uncommon for Trainers to already have befriended one, inherit one from their family, or have worked closely with one "belonging" to the school during their education that they are slated to receive upon graduation.

    The main transition is that your Trainer will get a proper Apricorn Device to which to attune their Starter Pokemon. Many of these devices were created in decades past, but the war and subsequent fragmentation of the region led to most of them being damaged, lost, or occupied with exceptionally violent Pokemon that shouldn't be released from them. This problem, combined with the lack of artisans familiar with crafting them, leads to Apricorn Devices being not terribly difficult to locate for sale, but they can be rather expensive.

    In their simplest form, an Apricorn Device is a hollow sphere that can be activated by button or throwing it. Much more elaborate designs exist, however, ranging from jewelry that incorporates the Device, to staffs, wands, or even functional weaponry that includes a usable Apricorn Device in the design.

    At graduation from the Malachite Academy, Trainers receive their own Apricorn Device, usually altered into a form they'd be comfortable with using. Typically, this Device is immediately attuned to the Trainer's Starter Pokemon to protect it from the myriad problems of getting knocked out mid-battle.

    Marshmallow on
  • Halos Nach TariffHalos Nach Tariff Can you blame me? I'm too famous.Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Catarine Demaské

    The Demaské family are the ruling clan of a small colony. When the flames of the previous war petered out little thought was given to many of the warriors and tacticians of the once great empires, some were able to return to the lands from which they had marched, others were hunted by the people they saught to subjugate and others still decided to settle in the lands they had been ordered to conquer. Captain Salvatore Demaské was partial to the latter option. He took the men and women under his command, along with the usual military hangers on, the entertainers and traders, the cooks and the seamstresses, his people were tired of war and he took them far from it.

    20 years have passed and the remains of Demaskés platoon have made a new home in pleasant wooded area known now as 'Battlesend Town.' Although captain himself passed away some years ago his family continues to rule over the town. Salvatore decreed that his house would always act as benevolent guardians rather than iron rulers but he was still a military man at heart so the town can be somewhat strict when it comes to heirachy and obeying orders, especially from those of a 'higher' station. However his years of service had shown him that listening to the voices of the people is always wise so he decreed that every member of the Demaské clan, upon the eve of their 20th year, must set out away from home to learn first hand what the people of the earth have to say.

    Catarine Demaské is the eldest daughter of Salvatore and has just turned 20. As such tradition demands she leave her sheltered existence and set out to see the world. Her goal is to travel the local area and learning the way of the world for the common people and listening to the opinions of the folk her family hold fiefdom over. She believes that her noble blood makes her automatically better than someone of lower status, not a tenet held by Salvatore Demaské but a life of privilege will do that to a person. She fears that she will fail her family, and the memory of her father, by failing in her task.

    She is a Haughty [2] Noblewoman [4]. Being brought up in former-military environment ensures she has recieved at least a modicum of combat training and in battle she favours a fencing epeé, a Mobile fighting style ideal for tight environments.

    Yojimbo the Gallade
    Yojimbo it the protector of the Demaské line; whenever one of their number ventures out into the world Yojimbo is always there, a steadfast guardian. He is a Psychic/Fighting type pokémon weak to Flying and Ghost techniques whilst resisting Fighting and Dark* ones. Yojimbo's demeanour is proud in nature which is also linked to his need; he is duty-bound to protect the Demaské family and any failure would be an enormous dent to his pride. An unusual quirk in his nature is his habit of acting towards his opponents with the utmost honour; always saluting before beginning combat, never exploiting a weakness or allowing time for a wounded enemy to recuperate or flee.

    Yojimbo is an Honourable [2] Protector [2] who attacks with rapid Psycho Cuts (Psychic/Mobile/Dense) or viscious Sacred Swords**(Fighting/Covering/Open)

    *This isn't technically true but I think it fits his role of knightly protector better.
    ** Again not something he can use in the actual pokémon games but it's the only sword style fighting move I can think of.

    Umm, so yeah, I hope this is alright. If not I can change backstory and stuff to make it fit better.

    Halos Nach Tariff on

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Another very excellent character.

    I might be missing it somewhere, but Pokemon Moves also get a Style/Favored Terrain, just like Trainer weapons.

    Thunderwave would probably work as [Electric/Harassing/Open], and Rock Throw as [Rock/Ranged/Hazardous], perhaps?

    Psycho Cut could be [Psychic/Mobile/Dense] and Sacred Sword might be [Fighting/Testing/Tight] or maybe [Fighting/Offensive/Open]? Could consider having one be a [Covering] move so Yojimbo could intercept attacks meant for Catarine, too.

    Something like that, anyway.

    Marshmallow on
  • Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
    Well, this is going to be interesting ^^

  • WhytherWhyther Registered User regular
    Thunderwave would probably work as [Electric/Harassing/Open], and Rock Throw as [Rock/Ranged/Hazardous], perhaps?

    Makes sense to me; I've edited the post.

  • NeoTomaNeoToma Registered User regular
    edited February 2012
    Makai Amakusa
    You are Makai, a shinobi of the Amakusa clan.

    The Amakusa clan are family of poor puppeteers, that over the course of the Great War became ninja to survive. As a member of the Amakusa clan it is your ardent belief that Victory belongs to the Clever, the Cunning, and the Wise. You are currently traveling the world with the goal having great adventures and meeting epic heroes, so he can Write the most Wonderous Story of a his Life. A vagabond, he fears of staying in one place and living A Life of Monotony.

    As a Perceptive [2] Ninja [3], you prefer attacking your prey in [Dense] Areas by using [Ranged][Throwing Weapons] from the shadows.

    Iktomi the Galvantula

    Iktomi's possesses a Sassy demeanor, which explains her Need to Showoff. As well as her Quirk of being a bit of a Prankster. She's been known to fill Akan's room with invisible electrified webbing, which he must navigate carefully lest he get an embarrassing shock.

    Due to being an [Electric / Bug] Iktomi has no problem shrugging off any Grass, Electric, and Dark moves. However it must be careful around Fire, Rock, Ground moves which can power through her attacks and feigns for massive damage.

    In battle Iktomi fights like a Agile [2] Trickster. [3] She's been known to shed her exo-skeleton to create a distracting Substitute (Bug, Defensive/Hazardous), then attacking with a well placed ElectroWeb (Electric/harassing/Open).
    Makai Amakusa - [Perceptive 2] [Ninja 3]
    Goal - To live a life that makes for a Wonderous Story.
    Belief - Victory belongs to the Clever, the Cunning, and the Wise.
    Fear - A Life of Monotony
    Weapon - Throwing Weapons [Ranged/Dense]

    Iktomi - [Agile 2] [Trickster 3]
    Demeanor: Sassy
    Needs: To be challenged
    Quirk: Enjoys playing pranks
    Moves: Substitution [Bug, Defensive/Hazardous] Electroweb [Electric, Harassing/Open]
    Weakness: Fire, Flying, Rock, Ground
    Resistances: Dark, Psychic, Grass, Water

    Edited: to be a little more precise, and a little more unique.

    NeoToma on
  • alternatingAberrationalternatingAberration I am the milk man My milk is deliciousRegistered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Rokaan Yoshizawa

    The Mountain's Throat was just one of the names given to the Yoshizawa clan's secret hold. Others included: Pit of The Damned, Murderer's Heart, The Screaming Pass, and Hall of Traitors. After the wars, as bitter as they were, its hard for a clan of ninja to keep a good reputation with any people. As the war became bloodier and more wild the clan prospered, hiring out to both sides as any clever mercenary would. It would seem that their rivals, the Marugumo, were cleverer. In one orchestrated movement by the Marugumo, the Yoshizawa were revealed to all sides their double-dealing. With nobody on their side, the clan had to retreat into the dark, quietly silencing bounty hunters and scouts hard on their trail to collect on the bounty placed on every Yoshizawa head.

    However, at war's end there remained no one to pay the bounty, no one to care or remember the Yoshizawa except the spurned few. But the Yoshizawa remember. Over the past 20 years they have trained hard, slowly sending out individuals to get the lay of the land and take stock of their foes. It is not the clan's dishonor that they dealt with many sides, but rather the discovery that they had and the Marugumo's part in it. So they will regain their honor, find the Marugumo wherever they may be hiding, and cut them down.

    Rokaan, age 19, is one of those to be sent out into the world. It is not uncommon for those of the clan to enter an academy on their travels should they decide to use pokemon. His Goal is to find the Marugumo, and bring back honor to his clan. He Believes that those who can be fooled deserve to be fooled, those who are dead deserved to die, and that because of his training and effort he deserves to be victorious. He Fears that he will not find his clan's foes and be unable to return home.

    He is a Arrogant[2] Ninja[3]. He is familiar with many forms of combat, able to use a wide swath of weaponry in battle. He is very [Mobile] while fighting, and used to [Hazardous] environments.

    Obake the Ditto

    For a long time there was a mystery in the Mountain's Throat. Treasured objects would vanish, be found hidden away, or discovered broken. Even more puzzling, was when these discoveries were made while the object in question was still in use, only to vanish in moments after the discovery. The strangeness of it all was blamed on mischievous spirits, or poor memory. One night, fixing a hot cup of tea his cup shrank away from him before he could pour. This turned into a cat and mouse game, chasing his cup all over his room trying to pour his tea before the cup melted into a purple sludge with a frightened face. Shocked, he shrank back. After things settled down a bit, they both realized one wasn't going to kill the other. Instead, the Ditto, looking only to be praised and respected made a deal to serve Rokaan, becoming a vaunted weapon for what may one day be a legendary ninja.

    Obake is a Normal/Steel type pokemon. Weak to Fighting and Fire, and resistant to Ghost and Steel. He has a Shy demeanor with a need to be praised. His Quirk is the inability to transform into anything other than mundane items, which serves Rokaan just fine as a mobile armory.

    Obake is an Envious[2] Changeling[3] which changes into different weapons to attack with a Metal Claw (Steel/Offensive/Tight) or Constrict (Normal/Harassing/Tight).
    His Apricorn Device is styled after a Wakizashi sheath.

    Rokaan Yoshizawa-Arrogant[2] Ninja[3]
    Goal- find the Marugumo, and bring back honor to his clan
    Belief- those who can be fooled deserve to be fooled, those who are dead deserved to die, and that because of his training and effort he deserves to be victorious
    Fear- he will not find his clan's foes and be unable to return home
    Weapon- Obake Mobile/Hazardous

    Obake the Ditto- Envious[2] Changeling[3]
    Type- Normal/Steel
    Weakness- Fire/Fighting
    Resistance- Ghost/Steel
    Demeanor- Shy
    Need- Praise/Respect
    Quirk- inability to transform into anything other than mundane items
    Attacks: Metal Claw (Steel/Offensive/Tight) and Constrict (Normal/Harassing/Tight)

    alternatingAberration on
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Two ninjas.


    Marshmallow on
  • alternatingAberrationalternatingAberration I am the milk man My milk is deliciousRegistered User regular
    I knew I fretted over that thing too long.

  • NeoTomaNeoToma Registered User regular
    Oh hey look at Kro all coming outta no where to make my ninja look silly :P

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    You'll be the best of friends. All talking about murders and boys and braiding each others' topknots.

  • alternatingAberrationalternatingAberration I am the milk man My milk is deliciousRegistered User regular
    Your ninja is not silly man, it is in fact quite cool. Mine's just got a lot of words words words.

    Also, this whole thing has got me rewatching Mushi Shi. Damn good show.

  • StiltsStilts Sit down and praise... My Golden Theater!Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    EDIT: Do you want the names to be Japanese-themed? Because I can do that. I simply chose European because of the "mounted knight" image I'm going for.

    Gawain O'Connell

    Despite his best efforts, Gawain could never compete with his brother, William, for his parents' affections. Will was stronger, smarter, more handsome and a much better conversationalist. In a desperate attempt to distinguish himself somehow, Gawain tried whatever activities he could think of that his brother ignored: music, cooking, pottery, painting and so on. Rubbish at all of them. His future seemed hopeless until he crossed paths with a Rapidash. She had been severely injured by a Rhydon and would have bled to death if Gawain hadn't treated its wounds. With this simple act, Gawain accomplished something no one in his family had ever done. He had befriended a Pokemon.

    With a Pokemon at his side, Gawain found new hope that his goal of proving his worth to his family would be attainable, and to that end he enrolled in the Malachite Academy. It is his belief that a person's great deeds make their life worth living, and the academy's training might give him the power to make his mark on the world. Maybe then he'll never have to endure his fear of others looking down on him.

    Gawain has honed his Tactical [1] mind to follow the path of a Cavalier [4]. He prefers fighting with a spear, a weapon that's quite Powerful (especially when it has the force of Amber's charge behind it) but is only at its best in Open Arenas.

    Amber the Rapidash

    Amber is a Fire-type Pokemon that is weak to Ground, Rock and Flying techniques but resistant to Grass, Steel and Ice. She serves Gawain partly because of his kindness and partly because she realizes that if he pursues his personal goes, there will be plenty of opportunities to fulfill her need to grow stronger in battle. She has an impulsive demeanor that often gets her into trouble, especially when paired with her quirk: if she's challenged to a competition, it's virtually impossible for her to back down.

    Amber is a Courageous [2] Warmount [3] who can attack with Flame Charge (Fire/Mobile/Open) and Fire Spin (Fire/Harassing/Tight).

    Stilts on
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    European names are perfectly fine, as is your character.

  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
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    Tullius Quintus

    Tullius always had a way of settling disputes, even from a very young age. Even as a child, he developed a reputation for finding compromise and peace between people, even adults. The elder council in his village saw a bright future for him, and sent him off to start a political career. Years of study at the School of Law and the attention of several prominent lords from nearby city-states saw him ready to take the first step in his road to politics by his appointment by Gaius Sulla to the role of Praetor Iuvenis, a traveling judge who reads the laws to the citizenry, applies sentencing, and settles disputes over property and other problems where an impartial third party is needed to arbitrate.

    Because much of his job involves travel, he was sent to the academy to learn to use Pokemon to defend himself. One fateful night, he was tricked by several students into wandering alone into a nearby waterfall cave that was haunted by a ghost-type Pokemon. With only his Codex of Laws, a massive, ironclad tome, to defend himself, he tried to fight off the Gastly that attacked him. His shouting alerted a nearby Oshawott, training underneath the waterfall, who rushed to his aid and helped him battle the ghost. The Gastly used some curious spell before it passed, however, and the book became cursed with the abilities of an apricorn device. A Pokemon may be captured within it, and when that happens, a page is added to it whereupon data about that Pokemon is inscribed.

    Now 18, Tullius has completed his training at the academy. His goal is to bring peace to the people under universal law. He believes that one should never give up without a fight. His fear comes from making a mistake in one of his judgments, such as by unjustly punishing a not guilty man.

    Tullius is a [Calm 1] [Praetor 3]. His only self-defense comes from his mighty Codex of Laws, which he uses to smack people around. Having a large book in front of him all the time is quite defensive, allowing him to block lots of attacks, but it's not very effective outside of Tight terrain.

    Timaeus the Oshawott

    Timaeus lived alone near the Waterfall Cave, with no family and infrequent visitors. A cheerful and beneficent spirit, he was often praised by those near the academy for helping those who were lost or in trouble. Undergoing his nightly training, he overheard Tullius fighting and saved the man, and they have been friendly ever since.

    A Water/Fighting type Pokemon that resists Fire, Ground, and Steel while weak against Electric, Grass, and Psychic, Oshawott found genuine friendship from Tullius, as well as the promise of a just cause. Always worried that he needs to be prepared for battle, Timaeus is constantly polishing and sharpening his scalchop. He is a [Loyal 3] [Samurai 3] who attacks with Razor Shell [Water/Mobile/Open] and Cross Chop [Fighting/Powerful/Dense].

    EDIT: Yeah, none of the cool people use asian names.

    Terrendos on
  • Shock GShock G Registered User regular
    Pakki Tanaka

    Having little interest in the esoteric, and always being a slave to his passions, the monks at his monastery had no idea what to do with Tanaka. Then one day his teacher heard news of Malachite Academy. The teacher thought that their teachings, coupled with the responsibility of raising a nature spirit, might temper his student and give his life a greater meaning. Tanaka himself relished the chance to see the world outside of his cloister.

    Tanaka wishes to Find his Purpose out in the larger world, and to test his mettle against all the challenges it offers. He firmly believes that true happiness can only be achieved by those who are free of life's numerous burdens, and that you should Break Your Chains at every opportunity. His only fear, looking out on the endless possibility lain before him, is Losing One of the Few Things Dear to Him.

    Pakki, being a [Manful Martial Monk 3], is adept at Unarmed combat, Harassing his enemies, and is unbeatable in Tight areas. However, despite some of his flightiness, he's still a holy man, a [Willful Wisdom Seeker 2], and is interested in a wide variety of subjects when he's not punching something.

    Gigen the Sableye

    It is difficult to describe Gigen, the greatest (and perhaps only) Ghost/Fighting to walk the earth. He is a creature with no weaknesses (save Bugs, Birds, and other Ghosts) and able to shrug off all attacks (as long as they're made of Stone, Steel, or Nothing Interesting). He is a [Spirited Spectral Scrapper 4], an insatiable lover of manful fighting, of grand challenge, and of just recompense. He is also a [Puerile Pest 1], a lover of pissing people off. He is Ambitious, never ceasing his quest to prove himself as The Very Best, which betrays his need for Validation. Being such a courageous sprite, it is only natural that he has a Fascination with High Places and almost never touches the ground, unless he's engaged in a valiant struggle.

    Gigen's signature techniques are the Shadow Sneak [Ghost, Mobile/Hazardous] and the Circle Throw [Fighting, Powerful/Open].

    Tanaka - [Willful Wisdom Seeker 2] - [Manful Martial Monk 3]
    Goal: To find his path
    Belief: "Break your chains."
    Fear: The loss of the things he loves.
    Weapon: Unarmed [Harassing/Tight]

    Gigen - [Spirited Spectral Scrapper 4] - [Puerile Pest 1]
    Demeanor: Ambitious
    Need: Validation
    Quirk: Likes high places.
    Moves: Shadow Sneak [Ghost, Mobile/Hazardous], Circle Throw [Fighting, Powerful/Open]
    Weaknesses: Bug, Flying, Ghost
    Resistances: Rock, Steel, Normal

  • SquallSquall hap cloud Registered User regular
    edited January 2012

    The charred vegetation surrounding the monastery he hails from gives some indication of the nature of Bhutso's order; that of light and life, as well as fire and death. The Trial that left him his tattoos and the spirit that guarded him thru it spurred his travel Malachite town, the skills to be learned therein a necessity.

    His [Boisterous 3] nature keeps him focused on his goal to Spread the Teachings to the surrounding area, thereby proving his ability as a monk of his order by touting the foremost mantra: Temper your Ambitions. Should he fail in that, he fears most that he might lose control and Lash Out at that which he Holds Sacred.

    Like those before him, Bhutso fights as an [Exotic Weaponeer 2], favoring Fan and Whip (in what mock combats he's participated in) to Harass those who enter Hazardous areas.


    The clumsy Ironwork adorning Mara’s underbelly is often noted as secondary to the blackened scars spiraling their way thru her Flame-red fur, weaving intricate patterns from tail to snout. Her Testy demeanor leaves her at odds at times with Bhutso’s more patient brand of interaction, further fueling her desire to Blaze New Trails. It comes as little surprise that she is a bit of a Daredevil, fearing neither Flame nor Metal nor Wind while risking life and limb near Water, Earth and Stone.

    As [Careless 1] in battle as she is out, a [Skirmisher 4] of her caliber uses her Metal Claws to take the Offensive on enemies in the Open, then uses her tongue to sheathe her body in fire, sending out an enormous Flame Wheel, Powerful enough to scatter opponents from a Dense fray.

    Bhutso - [Boisterous 3] [Exotic Weaponeer 2]
    Goal: Spread the Teachings
    Belief: Temper your Ambitions
    Fear: Lash Out at that which he Holds Sacred
    Weapon: Fan & Whip [Harassing/Hazardous]

    Mara - [Skirmisher 4] [Careless 1]
    Species: Heatmor
    Demeanor: Testy
    Need: Blaze New Trails
    Quirk: Bit of a Daredevil
    Moves: Metal Claw [Steel/Offensive/Open], Flame Wheel [Fire/Powerful/Dense]
    Weaknesses: Water, Ground, Rock
    Resistances: Fire, Steel, Flying

    Squall on
  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
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    Kenzo, Pokémon Oracle

    Kenzo hailed from a far-off remote mountain village (surrounded by rapids and cliffs) called Snowcap Point, far from the war’s influence. There, the superstitious villagers revered the sprit like nature of the Pokémon, often referring to them as helpful, indifferent, or dangerous. Kenzo grew up in such an environment, even thrived. For he had developed an (some would call mystical) affinity to the stranger creatures at a young age. Soon, he found himself acting as a mediator between the two entities. Kenzo would settle many disputes between both man and Pokémon, finding agreements so that both parties would get along. Of course, that all changed in a single day after his 18th year....

    One day Kenzo found an injured Absol on one of the paths he was busy travelling. Not one to judge a Pokémon by his reputation, he took it into the village and helped tend to its wounds. The villagers, ever so distrustful of an Absol (for they were considered Harbingers of doom) were against the very idea of helping the beast. Kenzo ignored them, and finally tended the creature’s many wounds, finally bandaging him where he could. Though he couldn’t tell if the Absol was thankful of Kenzo’s help, he DID leave the village in peace...

    That night, the worst thunderstorm in recorded history broke out onto the village. Houses burned from crackling lightning hitting them with unnatural accuracy, and livestock stampeding throughout town, trampling many unfortunates. Only Kenzo, thanks to his affinity to Pokémon, managed to spot a large, black, draconic beast in the Thunderstorm before it disappeared into the dark void of the night. Such power, the young man thought to himself...

    The next morning, Kenzo was tried with heresy, the villagers believing him to be responsible for this disaster. Before the villagers could stone him for his crimes, Kenzo jumped into the nearby rapids, hoping to run away from what he DID believe was his fault. Of course, that didn’t help much either, as the uncontrollable stream nearly drowned him. Gasping for air, and hoping an end to this danger, he desperately cried for help, only to have his head banged on a jutting rock, enveloping him in darkness...

    ...Only to wake up being dragged onto a rocky beach by none other than the Absol that he rescued yesterday. Believing to be a greater purpose for his exile (and for the reappearance of the Absol) and turn of events, Kenzo sets off, as far away as possible from his village, and to search for answers that plagued him. What was that dark, draconic creature of thunder that appeared in the sky? Were there Pokémon just as strong and powerful as that beast? If so, was it possible to learn from them the harmonic link between man and Pokémon? These are questions that drive Kenzo, so much that it took him nearly a year alone just to reach Malachite Town, having heard of their extensive libraries. He has since enrolled into the Academy, hoping to learn as much of these capricious creatures, and hoping to find some way to better understand them...

    He is a Naive [1] Oracle [3] and knows little of the ravaged outside world his old village sheltered him from. Weak in strength and agility, he prefers to support his allies (and Pokémon) where necessary, but carries a simple Wooden Staff for protection [Defensive/Open].

    Oni the Absol

    Oni is Kenzo’s guardian and companion throughout his travels. Though it does catch the average citizen’s attention, Kenzo’s diplomacy and tact allows him to quickly settle potential disputes the authorities (or troubled folks looking to harm his companion) have with the Overprotective Oni. With good reason of course, as Oni has developed a sweet tooth, enjoying any sweet delicious treats he can find, to the point of even stealing them from folks. Of course, Oni tends to avoid other Pokémon (especially fighters or insectiod-like denizens) or people, preferring to protect his master and anyone his master deems necessary. Kenzo has also noted that Oni seems to be more resilient against water, probably having lived its life hunting fish in the rapids, and developing a resistance against its rushing and overpowering waves.

    Whereas Kenzo is considered docile and timid, Oni is not. He is an Agile [4] fighter (opting to stay on its toes), but is nonetheless Aggressive [2] when in combat. In combat he rushes to the nearest foe and Bites [Dark, Mobile/Tight] him/her/it in succession till it bleeds. If a weakened opponent runs away or flees from this gorish sight, Oni hunts them, in Pursuit [Dark, Harassing/Open] of his target, grabbing him by the neck and silencing it for good.

    Kenzo - [Oracle 3] [Naive 1]
    Goal – To further understand the nature of Pokémon, and find some deeper link between man and Pokémon.
    Belief – There exists a peaceful balance between Pokémon and humans that both may benefit from; we need only find it. Also believes that Pokémon are the spirits of long dead ancestors given form.
    Fear – Drowning in water (His near fatal death in the rapids caused him to fear most streaming rivers and falls)
    Weapon – Simple Wooden Staff [Defensive/Open]

    Oni - [Agile 4] [Aggressive 2]
    Demeanour: Protective
    Needs: Protect his master and those he deems worth his time.
    Quirk: Enjoys sweet things, oftentimes stealing them (this include delicious fruits, candy, honey etc.).
    Type: Dark
    Moves: Pursuit [Dark, Harassing/Open], Bite [Dark, Mobile/Tight]
    Weakness: Fighting, Bug, Dragon
    Resistances: Ghost, Dark, Water

    TiamatZ on
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    Hope you guys love houserules, because I love houserules. Yes, even in a homebrew system that I "made" I houserule.


    Defensive Stance now will raise your Defense to 5, regardless of your highest Trait Rank or current state of damage. This is instead of raising your Defense by 1 (would've made hitting Rank 5 things who were defending impossible! Whee!).

    If you are in a Defensive Stance and are forced to Shift by a Push or Throw, you lose your Defense bonus.

    When you enter a Protective Stance, and you haven't used your Shift for that turn, you may "hold" it until the start of your next turn. This way, if you get Pushed or Thrown away from your target, or your target Shifts to another arena, you can immediately follow them and continue using your Protective Stance.

    At any time, a character may act recklessly or strain themselves. When they do this they take one point of damage to one of their traits, and can immediately use one Voltage effect without spending a Voltage (or gaining any EXP).

    If the changes to Defensive or Protective affect you, feel free to change around your character if you wish, or complain loudly, whichever you prefer. If you think these changes are dumb go ahead and tell me why and I'll figure something else out.

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
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    Also, saw all your chatting in #voltage, Tiamat. Character looks goo-

    TiamatZ wrote: »
    ...a large, black, draconic beast in the Thunderstorm.


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    Two ninjas.


    Two of the same class can be cool. Some of the best duos and worst rivalries are sure to emerge. You can also coordinate your backstories, or just say to hell with it and see how the two interact spontaneously!

    Lady Elise Corbeau

    (of Malachite)

    Elise is an anomaly of the humbled attitude many city-states had after the devastating war...perhaps because she was never alive to witness it in the first place. A confident, composed, and serious-minded [Ambitious Aristocrat], Elise was all too eager to learn at her own locale's excellent military academy and reestablish contact between Malachite and the world.

    Curiously, Elise had heard little talk of the other towns in the periodically held fêtes and other gatherings of the Malachite elite, save for nearby Slate, talked down rather openly as a backwater village. It seems to her that whenever the subject of the outside world's happenings comes up between any of the elder nobility they take their words down to a whisper imperceptible to an eavesdropper like her. Already disgusted by the stale, static attitude of her peers (how many times had she been promised the world by a self-styled romantic who wouldn't dare tread out of sight of the city walls?), she decided that such hush tones were only that of fear and complacency. Her parents acquiesced to her forceful request to enroll in Malachite Academy, where she developed a reputation as a [Diligent Dame] for the single-minded focus she threw herself into her studies, supplementing her limited training in courtly shows of combat with hours of serious practice with her polearm of choice, the Halberd, and how to move and fight efficiently in plate mail.

    It was during one of her daily exercise routines that Elise met Zeal. After a tense confrontation that almost came to blows as she was caught without her loyal servants, a noble privilege she has come to rely on perhaps a bit too much, she resumed her training with one eye on the strangely polite bug spirit. The combee seemed to take an interest in her structured life, showing up exactly on time to observe her drills and eventually following her throughout her entire daily routine. Elise's servants took to teaching the combee some chores, which the bee executed with exacting, if perhaps overly careful to the point of being ponderous, diligence. The spirit also took to organizing Elise's (and the servants') belongings, a change that took some getting used to.

    Now ready to graduate, the ceremonial sword apricorn device presented to Elise by her family in hand, Elise is all too ready to set out and spread the influence of Malachite far and wide, confident her strong example of Malachite nobility will convince those she needs to succeed to fall in line behind her on her quest.

    Lady Elise Corbeau of Malachite

    [Ambitious Aristocrat 4][Disciplined Dame 2]

    Goal: Spread Malachite's influence far and wide.
    Belief: Present a strong front, and they will fall in line.
    Fear: Being without loyal allies she can rely on.

    Weapon: Halberd (Harassing/Hazardous)
    Apricorn Device: Ceremonial Sword

    Zeal (Combee Female)

    [Exacting Executioner 4]
    Resists Fighting, Grass, Ground
    Weak to Electric, Fire, Flying

    Double Team: (Flying/Defensive/Hazardous)
    Signal Beam: (Bug/Testing/Hazardous)

    Demeanor: Polite
    Need: Structure
    Quirk: "Organizes" unattended objects

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  • WhytherWhyther Registered User regular
    TiamatZ wrote:
    Oni the Absol

    The hunt is on.

  • Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
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    Whyther wrote:
    TiamatZ wrote:
    Oni the Absol

    The hunt is on.




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  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
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    Party Crashers


    The morning sun rises on Malachite, casting long shadows down the twisting alleyways and quiet thoroughfares. Once a place of bustling markets, burgeoning trade, and a hub for inter-region travel, and then a bristling fortress on the cutting edge of defensive technology and military education, it now lays half-abandoned.

    The walls, once impervious, have fallen down in places, the rocks that formed them left to the care of the elements. Where the wall still stands, small bushes, growths of prairie grass and even a few hearty saplings have taken root in the sagging battlements, announcing the sad state of the once proud fortification.

    Entire districts have fallen unused, scoured by looters, retreating soldiers, the desperate scavenging of the locals, and time and simple decay. Wooden buildings collapse under their own weight as wet-rot and mold take hold, stone dwellings look less like homes and shops and more like curiously symmetrical caves, dusty and cobwebbed where they haven't been taken advantage of by opportunistic animals and Pokemon.

    And yet, Malachite perseveres.

    One small section of the wall is obviously kept maintained, the surface clean of lichen and puddles, and any verdant growth pruned free before the questing roots could deal any damage to the underlying structure. Newly-built portions of stacked rock, plundered from stricken sections, sequester away a few select blocks of buildings from the empty streets beyond, and though the roads and buildings within have signs of damage, the majority are patched and repaired to be whole and hale for habitation.

    Therein lives a skeleton crew, of sorts, compared to the masses who once lived in Malachite, but proud and capable still. The native population carries on as best they can in these times, their lives marked surely by the losses of yesterday, but they look keenly to the expected prosperity of tomorrow while still enjoying the peace and tranquility of today.


    In the center of this town-within-a-town, in the halls of what was once the Royal Institute of Pokémon Training and Warfare, music can be heard, and the light chatter of voices as a celebration long awaited finally comes to fruition. In one of the many meeting rooms adjacent the main foyer, chairs have been brought, a long, pine table laid with a banquet of humble, but plentiful and filling, foodstuffs suitable for an early lunch, and a moderately talented, if unimaginative, minstrel croons quietly over a carefully plucked mandolin to the accompaniment of a young flutist and stoic drummer.

    The crowd is perhaps several dozen people or so, joined by about a score of Pokémon. Teachers, students, family and acquaintances, pets and protectors, and very likely a few individuals who showed up uninvited at the rumor of an abundance of free food. Only an hour ago, the latest class of Pokemon trainers accepted their scrolls of graduation, were formally presented with their first fully crafted Apricorn, and walked to their seats accompanied by applause, both polite and raucous, cheers, honest and hearty, and perhaps the teary eyes of parents and grandparents who've come to see their little boy/girl all grown up and with a Pokemon walking obediently at their side.

    Retiring from the pomp and circumstance, the crowd of graduates and their well-wishers and general hangers-ons (mostly younger than 30 years old, or older than 50, a keen and calculating mind would note) funneled into the room they currently reside in. After a brief period of that slightly-confused milling around that often happens after sitting through a long, boring ceremony and needing to go to the bathroom but being too embarrassed to interrupt the proceedings, the group collectively settle down to enjoy the food, entertainment, and presence of friends and family.

    What do you do?


    Feel free to interact with your fellow PCs and NPCs. Consider this a Tryout, I've seen your characters, and now I want to see what you do with them, and how nicely they play with others.

    Rules Aside: You want to play nicely with others.

    If you were tirelessly working long hours at the character mines, hewing rough blocks of inspirational ore to construct a masterpiece of modern RPing and are sour about missing your chance, no worries, brah. I'm still taking characters. Just drop one down here like those people up there who were way, way faster on the draw than you, and when I'm next around I'll likely give it a cursory glance, scoff disdainfully, and summarily give you the go-ahead to start participating too!

    Marshmallow on
  • Shock GShock G Registered User regular
    A kid stands near the back, running a rosary through his fingers. He pays special attention to the new, oversized bead in its center. Feels nice to be done with all that. The kid's tall, early twenties if he has an age, with a shaved scalp and black eyebrows, with a couple of nicks on the left one. He's wearing a strange garb for the area, black robes with deep sleeves and an orange sash over his right shoulder. Perched on this shoulder is a gremlin made of shadow and with eyes of diamond. The gremlin leans off of his perch and helps himself to the free food. He waves a couple select morsels under the perch's nose, which snatches them out of his hands.

    Tanaka moves away from the buffet and comes to rest near a noblewoman, and her bee.

    "Feels nice, doesn't it? Feels like you could just grab the earth by the throat."

  • Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
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    Elise & Zeal

    A girl at the twilight of her teenaged years removes her helmet and lets her jet black hair fall down as she sits at the table, diligently cutting her serving of meat into small, nearly identical bits before eating them one by one, mouth closed. Her family crowds around her offering their congratulations and various useless trinkets and baubles, most of which Elise wryly (internally, of course) remarks will be staying at home instead of wasting valuable pack space. Can't they see there is important work to be done here?

    Excusing herself as she motions for her two attending servants to remain with her family, she begins a walk towards what looks like a very impressive horse made of fire when she is stopped by the monk with the spectre. She lets out a small smile at his comment, turning the gaze of her yellow eyes upon him.

    "Indeed, we have nearly limitless opportunities...Tanaka, was it?" she pauses. "Lost trade routes, contacts, and more to be established, all the more available due to how few are courageous enough to take them."

    Zeal flits around Elise's head in a steady, unchanging orbit when the bug-type, much to her delight, suddenly notices the familiar shadow. She flies to within a few feet of the sableye, chirping out a strangely confident, yet still polite, greeting.

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  • SquallSquall hap cloud Registered User regular
    Bhutso & Mara

    A short man stands hunched over the hors d'oeuvres, thin of frame yet stout of belly, piling spiced meats and seared vegetables onto a large plate. Swirling ribbons of ebony are visibly etched into his bald head and golden skin, his left breast and lower body draped with flowing crimson sash and white robes. Numerous rust-colored beads hang heavy from his neck, dangling harmlessly above the table as he swats away a probing snout near the honeyed yams.

    "We've enough here on this plate, don't you think?" he teases his companion, his voice light and sonorous. "Waste not ♪"

    Mara looks decidedly displeased, folding her arms across red fur marked with similarly intricate black ribbons. Her tongue lashes at his cheek, leaving a small red mark that disappears as quickly as it comes.

    "Oh, come now, I didn't deserve that? Here," he reconciles, offering her a fish filet dripping of olive oil and rosemary. A hearty pat on the back completes the altercation, leaving the anteater to her meal as he turns to mingle.

    "Mind you two don't fly too high there," he shouts to the monk and noblewoman, sauntering his way over while munching on a shrimp. "Not heading back to the temple then, Tanaka? You must have plans, of course. And the lady as well!" he smiles warmly.

  • Shock GShock G Registered User regular
    "The temple will be fine without me. Too many out here in need of saving."

    Gigen stares at the bee, smiling a sharp smile. He is light...

    Oh yeah, that could work. Probably.

    The sableye throws the last bit of food in his mouth and leans toward the bug. Couple more inches, now.

  • Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
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    Elise & Zeal

    Elise lets out a good-natured laugh at the stout, scarred monk.

    "Come now, it's our graduation day! Show a little optimism for the occasion."

    The combee chirps chidingly at the sableye, as if saying What did I ever do to you? It flutters upwards a good foot, intentionally not entirely out of reach of a leaping pokemon of his height. Its form seems to blur as it flutters in place.

    Rawkking Goodguy on
  • SquallSquall hap cloud Registered User regular
    Bhutso & Mara

    "So it's into the wilds then? Like to be heading that way mmshlf" he mutters between bites of a carmelized leek. "She has the right of it, I think. A darkened mood throws no light, and casts only shadows."

  • StiltsStilts Sit down and praise... My Golden Theater!Registered User regular
    Gawain and Amber

    A 16-year-old boy with scruffy blonde hair, a sapphire blue tunic and light tan breeches approaches his classmates. He tears chunks of an apple off with his teeth as he walks, feeding them to the Rapidash that follows close beside him.

    "Yeah, I won't be going back to my home either," he says when he reaches the group. "There's not much point until I've actually accomplished something."

    Amber seems to snort in agreement.

    "Think I could travel with you, Gigen?"

  • Shock GShock G Registered User regular
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    Tanaka & Gigen

    Gigen's eyes show the death of hope in fourteen facets.

    Then they shine with renewed ambition. A squire! Just what he needs! He nods vigorously.

    Shock G on
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
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    "What is a soul? It's like electricity - we don't really
    know what it is, but it's a force that can light a room."

    -Ray Charles

    Generator Charged! Voltage.gif Voltage2.gif Voltage3.gif Voltage4.gif Voltage5.gif Voltage6.gif Voltage4.gif Voltage.gif Voltage2.gif Voltage5.gif (10)

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  • SquallSquall hap cloud Registered User regular
    one Voltage3.gif to Shock for that post

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Dubo DubonRegistered User regular
    It's like you were waiting for that or something.

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