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competitive online game

fishyfishy Registered User regular
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I have a very close friend who lives overseas and in terms of fighting games and in general she is a very competitive person. Now that I moved away, I was trying to find a game we could play online 1v1 (strictly on PC) that would possibly be free? Because I don't want her to go out and buy Street Fighter. We do occasionally play some of those MSN games but they are usually based on luck rather than skill.

I'm looking for something that is more of a 2d fighting game, or it could be like those classic old shooter games, even something like... pong? Anything that we could play online and wouldn't have too much hassle to set things up. Also not any card games or chess/checkers/backgammon.

Thank you!

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    ThroThro Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    How big is this sea she is over? I ask because of lag/ping. A quick reaction game like Street Fighter, where a few frames can matter, is basically unplayable (according to my 2D fighter nut friends) just from east to west coast in the states.

    What works pretty good for me (I'm in Africa) are online games with dedicated servers, halfway between me and my US friends. We can all play reasonably well on European servers.
    Not sure what good 1v1 games would fall into that criteria though.

    Are you ok with turn-based games that aren't chess?

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    fishyfishy Registered User regular
    Atlantic Ocean big. I'm in California, she is on the edge of Eastern Europe. I have a nice solid connection, her connection I'm not sure about. But I'm sure she could make a solid connection to a European server.

    Turn based games are fine, as long as the entire match doesn't take too long. Keep in mind she is a casual gamer, she would try anything but I'm skeptical in what her attention span would be for a game that takes too long.

    Possible facebook games could maybe work aswell? Anything where one side wins and the other looses.

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    Page-Page- Registered User regular
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    If you want fighting games then your best bet is either Supercade or GGPO. They're perfectly playable from those distances if you set them up properly.

    Supercade also has a bunch of other games to play, while GGPO has Shadow over Mystara, which really is the best beat 'em up ever made and perfect for 2 players.

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