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[Interest/Recruitment] Humble Beginnings (OSR)

nefffffffffffnefffffffffff Registered User regular
edited January 2012 in Critical Failures
Allright, I'm gonna try to sit down at the DM seat again. I usually play OSR games like Swords and Wizardry, so that's what I'm gonna be doing here. My last game kinda fizzled out but I'm not in school anymore so I promise I'll do my best if you guys do too. I'm looking for 3-5 people (maybe more later?) to start up a campaign of Swords and Wizardry for some fast-paced, deadly, fly-by-your-pants old school dice rolling.

But wait, you don't have the S&W rules? Well good thing you can get them at as an absolutely free pdf (I'll be using the whitebox edition).

So, if you're interested just make post post haste in this thread with THREE separate characters that you'll be playing as. That's right, three. Because there is one large, convoluted caveat to all of this:

I'm using a pretty unique method of character generation that I've been meaning to try for quite some time. Essentially, none of you will be heroes yet, starting instead as human commoners (more reces to become available as teh campaign goes on -- some sort of incentive to keep it going I guess) each at character level 0 with -100 XP. You'll all have your randomly determined pre-adventure trades and some equipment that reflects it. You'll go on a small dungeon crawl, and when you get up to +1 xp you become lvl 1 adventurers and pick your class/make a full fledged character.

Well, some of you will probably die horrible deaths, but there's safety in numbers! At the end of that dungeon crawl you will each be left with one character that has survived the first dungeon and/or is your favorite, and the campaign begins in earnest.

In short, if you want to play you need to submit 3 characters which means I need three sets of the following information:

- Name
- Gender
- (6x) 3d6 in the order rolled to randomly determine stats
- 5d12 to reflect starting wealth (in copper pieces)
- 1d4 + Con for HP
- 1d100 to determine starting occupation
- 1d24 to determine starting equipment

Sound confusing? Lemme walk you through the process.

"Oh nefffffffffff! This sounds so fun! I want to make a character!"

- Name: Dirk Rockman
- Gender: Female
- STR: 3d6=8, INT: 3d6=14, WIS: 3d6=13, CON: 3d6=8, DEX: 3d6=13, CHA: 3d6=9
- 5d12=34 CP
- 1d4-1=2 HP
- occupation: 1d100=91
- equipment: 1d24=3

At this point I take your occupation and equipment rolls and compare them to my handy dandy charts to determine that Dirk Rockman is a Squire who posesses a long sword, a steel helmet, and 10' of chain. Here is her final Character Sheet:

Dirk Rockman: Female Squire, lvl 0.

STR: 8
INT: 14
WIS: 13
CON: 8
DEX: 13
CHA: 9

XP: -100
XP Bonus: TBD at lvl 1
Saving Throw: +0
HP: 2
Attack Bonus: +0
AC: [10]

Equipment: Clothing, Longsword (1d8) , Steel Helm, 10' of Chain.

So there you have it. Let's see those characters.

nefffffffffff on


  • nefffffffffffnefffffffffff Registered User regular
    Bumping with a bit more info: The first dungeon crawl will be just that: a simple dungeon crawl in your standard fantasy setting. Expect goblins, animated skeletons, nasty evil clerics, etc.

    With any luck that will lead to a relatively open-world campaign in an again relatively generic fantasy world.

  • nefffffffffffnefffffffffff Registered User regular
    still nothing huh?

    maybe some GDW Traveller? Anybody up for that?

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