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Interesting Game Industry Interviews

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I love reading good interviews with people in the games industry. Not the latest PR gaffe by some dumb Sony exec but ones that give a glimpse into the thinking behind some of the great games being made. I'll post a couple to get things started but I have a couple requests for this thread: Please do not just post a link. Clearly indicate in the post who is being interviewed, why they matter (no faceless PR drones) and any highlights that make this worth everyones time.
Who: Brad Wardell
Position: Ceo of Stardock the makers of Galactic Civilizations I & II. Was also a developer on those projects.
Interesting bits: They have put their sci-fi mmo on hold in favor of a turn based strategy game with a fantasy theme. Aparently at the time of the interview Atari (formerly interplay) owned the rights to Master of Magic, Master of Orion, X-Com and Star Control with no plans to actually makes games based off of those IP.
Who: Will Wright
Position: Creator of Sim City, The Sims 1 & 2, working on Spore
Interesting bits: There is a ton of info out there about spore and the design behind it. A lot of this interview is not new info. But Mr. Wright does have some interesting things to say about multiplayer games in general and their community approach to Spore.

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