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Cheap hobby motors?

RhinoRhino TheRhinLOLRegistered User regular
edited February 2012 in Help / Advice Forum

I'm looking to get some cheap, really cheap, DC motors. Basically we're doing a little project to show of some basic principals and electronics and I'd like to give out little "project kits". Motor, battery, few wires and a computer print out with easy to do home projects for anyone that is interested. It's all coming from my pocket, so cheaper the better.

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    EgoEgo Registered User regular
    Electronics surplus places might be the easiest way to go if you want all the motors to be the same. If you don't mind them being different, it might be cheaper to check out thrift stores and cannibalize some old toys or other cheap stuff with motors in it.

    'electronics surplus' in google brought me to that site first, cost isn't too bad.

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    Curly_BraceCurly_Brace Robot Girl Mimiga VillageRegistered User regular
    The hobby robotics people I know often use those cheap cordless electric screwdrivers, but since I am not a robotics expert myself, I cannot tell you how easy or hard it is to implement them into a given design, of if they are cost-effective.

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