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A decent VPN for personal use.

EliminationElimination Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
Just looking for some recommendations. I have been using hotspot shield, but it doesn't really do what I need it to do. It's kind of slow, and it does not let me choose the VPN location. I tried TOR as well, and it also does not do what I need it to do as it forces me to use a browser that doesn't work very well for my needs. I don't mind paying money either, as long as it isn't extremely expensive.

what I want to be able to do is choose my location for the VPN, and be able to use chrome with it as well.

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  • EsseeEssee The pinkest of hair. Victoria, BCRegistered User regular
    edited February 2012
    I don't know if this is enough for your purposes (just guessing from what you said you've previously used), but Stealthy has a version for both Chrome and Firefox. It lets you select the location you want to route through and whatnot. It seemed to be pretty fast, and it definitely worked fine for routing through the US at least, but I do recall there was some trouble with it not wanting to work at all for a while (don't use it on this machine and haven't tried it in a month, but from reviews it seems to be working again). Might as well give it a shot, since it's just an addon and you can remove the addon if it doesn't work out right.

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