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Would this be a good idea? (or is it out there already?)

madmoshermadmosher Registered User regular
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So I have been in the graphic design and creative business for a few years, and a role player longer than that. Like a few others I know, I developed my own game and have been play testing it over the years. The mechanics are smooth, quick and open. There have been two developed worlds and everything that goes with them. This is my question/idea:

Would people be interested in a web based rule book that always updates and fixes rules and game errata? The site would include all the core rules for free. This being everything you need to make a basic character with no add-ons (like magic, races, cyberware or superhuman abilities). Serious players could pay $1.00 a month to get the above mentioned add-ons, and Game masters could pay $2.00 a month for all of the above plus get access to the world sections (maps, NPC’s items and scenarios).

I have many more ideas to add to this mix, but that would be the core package. I suppose what I want to know is would anyone in the current gaming community be interested in something like this? Or is there something like this out there already? I've seen a few sites that came close but they missing a lot in my opinion.

The most basic premise of the game story is a cataclysmic event occurs on our earth leaving a handful of survivors stranded on a moon base in 20XX. They then find a rift that allows them to go to alternate earths that have developed under different circumstances (which allows for a few different types of genres to be explored). This story has worked to allow inclusion of different genres, letting you play them inclusively or as part of a mega-verse. The site would include two of these worlds at the start, and then the community would vote on the next world.

I think something like this could work really well, but I also might be too close to it also. Hopefully you guys don't think this is site whoring since there is no site , just looking for opinions from people that don't know me and "think it's amazing". Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you!

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    Jam WarriorJam Warrior Registered User regular
    In my opinion, as a startup with no reputation, asking for subscriptions is a bad business plan. Otherwise, core for free and small payments for additional depth sounds a good way to begin to get people interested though.

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    madmoshermadmosher Registered User regular
    You might be right. I do plan on giving away one month free for anyone that checks it out, and the core rules would always be free like you said.

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