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question about led lights ...

Sc@rSc@r Registered User new member
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for my x-arcade stick i have, i ordered 5v led lights and chrome buttons from a site[shoulda done some more research before i bought them] and when i got them they didnt work.Didnt know i was gonna need a seperate power line for the lights. So rite now i have the 5v lites, chrome buttons and the LED bulb holders, from the looks of it on the website im gonna need atleast the daisy chained wires, LED controller board and a usb cable to go from the board to my pc,also on the site it does show 2x 10 Pack of crimped wires but since i already have those on the x-arcade stick im assuming i dont need those. Does any1 know if there is anything else i would need to make them work? 1 last question aswell i know the lites would not work but the buttons dont work when i hooked them up and i did hook it up the same way the other ones were, would these buttons not work at all unless the led controller board is hooked up?

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