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Removing the nubs from a serial connector

cholulacholula Registered User regular
edited June 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
I bought a serial to usb cable. It looks like this:


The device that I want to plug this thing into is female but it also has those two nubs on either side of the nine pin connector in the middle. So I can't get hook them up.

How can I get rid of those two nubs then? My tool box is limited. I'm trying to saw through them with a kitchen knife with limited results. If I take it apart, will those nubs come out or are they attached to the whole metal casing? Any ideas?

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  • cholulacholula Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    I took it apart and they're attached to a thin metal plate. It looked like they were attached by a screw but it wasn't a conventional screw head. I couldn't budge it and it turns out that it wasn't a screw.

    I was able to saw through one of them then I got some pliers and just pulled the other one out. If you keep pulling on it back and forth, the metal plate will bend enough to let the pseudo-screw come through.

    It didn't work anyway. Apparently you need a proprietary adapter for this particular piece of machinery. That's why they had the nubs on the machine, to try to discourage using non-official adapters. They want you to pay $50 for their adapter. What a racket. I used to have the official adapter but then some bastard stole it. Well, there's surely some wisdom to be gained from this thread at least. In case anybody else is trying to connect an old legacy device to a modern day computer and said legacy device has proprietary cables which prevent the user from using any old serial cable.

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  • RderdallRderdall Registered User regular
    I have to use parts like this all the time to connect control system equipment to my laptop for programming and testing. Although my laptop has a serial port on it (totally outdated computer, I know...), there are times when I need to use the USB to Serial adapter. In my arsenal of tools, I usually stock a couple of parts like this: for situations just like you're describing. You don't need to order it online, and any decent electronics store in your city will have plenty of these in stock. Shouldn't cost you much more than $4-5.

    I would also recommend picking up a Null-Modem adapter, which looks identical to the part in the link, but has the Tx and Rx pins reversed. In the world of Serial communications, it is sometimes found that a device is setup as a controller rather than a receiver, and if that is the case with your equipment, you'll need a null-modem to allow your computer to talk to it.

    Hope this helps.


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  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    He's talking about the screw pieces I think?

    If that's the case go to a hardware store and pick up a hex nut driver. Bring the cable with you, they might be able to match up the sizes. Pretty handy to have around if you do a lot of this, with any luck it should just screw right out. But if it's that exact model it might not.

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