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CPU fan error [fixed itself]

either,oreither,or Registered User regular
Edit: Never mind, both issues just disappeared.

I just received and installed the cooler master 212 hyper evo on my machine and at boot I get a CPU fan error. The fan is spinning, so I went into the bios and disabled the fan speed low limit and got into windows. Is there anything I could have done wrong to cause this?

Also, i am now having a problem with my graphics card which was working perfectly well before this. Now when I plug the monitor into either dvi port the flashing power light stays solid for about 5 seconds, the screen brightens, then it starts flashing again. It seems like it is getting a video signal initially and I can't figure out what is wrong. (no motherboard beeps etc)

Edit: changed the cable running from psu to graphics card and the machine refused to boot. I changed it back to the old cable and now I have a signal, which is nice, but can't help but feel I have done something wrong here!
this is ow fixed,just fan problem now!


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