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iTunes WHY

SnorkSnork wordJamaica Plain, MARegistered User regular
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So I've been planning on getting and iPod for a while, so last night I downloaded iTunes 7 in anticipation of this event to import all my music and get all my tags straight. I figured this would take a while what with my 15GB of music and all, so I wanted to get a head start. I finally get around to importing all of my music, and now I'm trying to fix the tags. A few problems start occurring. First of all, whenever I start iTunes now it asks me to make it the default media player for my computer (which I have already done), but when I say yes it tells me that I do not have the priveleges to do so. There is only one account on this computer, and it is the Admin account (this is an XP machine by the way). Whatever.
I proceed to start adjusting the tags one by one for all of the songs that are wrong (it's mostly album info, I'm really nuts about it being right and everything). As I proceed to do this, every few tracks or so iTunes will just stop recognising my input. I hit the 'next' button to go to Get Info for the next track, and it just doesn't do anything. I can't even hit OK or Cancel or X out of the window. Nothing works short of using the Task Manager to End Task on a program I just downloaded for the first time last night. What is going on and why is it doing this?
Is it a problem with my computer? If it is then I guess I'm fucked because this machine has all of my music on it. It's a really junky computer I've had for a long time and I moved it into my room once I realised I could never salvage it (it can't boot from disc so I can't reformat it). Unfortunately it has all my music on it.

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  • AlpineAlpine Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    iTunes 7 is a memory hog, what are the specs of your machine?

    I know my old 2001 Vaio couldn't handle most of the new Album Flipper stuff.

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  • EggyToastEggyToast Jersey CityRegistered User regular
    edited March 2007
    I think you answered your own question with it being a junky old computer with lots of crap. It keeps prompting you if you want to make it the default audio app because for some reason it can't change permissions on whatever the default audio app actually is. As for the seizing up thing, that sounds like RAM or just general slowness.

    You're getting an iPod, so worst case scenario at this point is that you copy all of your music to it with half of the tags not-so-good, and then they're on your iPod. Then you have your iPod be the backup of all of your music, while you deal with the crappy computer.

    Once you get everything on the iPod, copy it off the iPod using one of several different free apps, and fix your tags on another computer.

    I use iTunes on Windows XP and Mac OS, and while there are differences (it uses more memory on XP due to the fact it doesn't use standard Windows interface widgets and loads up quicktime for audio, whereas it uses standard OS X stuff on a mac), I've not run into any of the issues you're experiencing on either OS.

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  • SnorkSnork word Jamaica Plain, MARegistered User regular
    edited March 2007
    I was wondering if you could still do that. That's good news.

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  • CalebrosCalebros a k a TimesNewPwnin Registered User regular
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    The only thing WinAMP can't do that iTunes can is add album art, which you may or may not care about.

    Sometimes it screws with the track listings when you're using your actual iPod when you're out somewhere, but only if you have like a multiple disc set and when switching discs you restart the numbering. For instance, if you have a 2 disc set, and you reset at 1 for disc 2 using winamp, when you use your iPod alone it'll be listed as 1122334455 etc. That can be fixed by just continuing the numbering, however.

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