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[GW2]Taste the rainbow VERY SOON in the new thread.



  • Bloody JackBloody Jack Registered User regular
    Stupid wrote: »
    The only way I would improve the Trading Post is to make it accessible from the web without logging into the game. That would be perfection defined.

    With a mobile app!

  • Lucid_SeraphLucid_Seraph TealDeer MarylandRegistered User regular

    Hey guys! I'm technically with another guild on this same server, but I'd LOVE to join the PA guilds, and maybe (finally) get in on PVP. My name is TealDeer.4217, I... am kind of a nerd and will have a character of every race, probably going Sylvari Necromancer, Asura Ranger or Thief, Norn Mesmer, Charr Engine or warrior, and Human Elementalist. Um, knowing me, I'll be on my Human Ele the most, under the name Connor Borealis.

    See you in game?


    That said, hey guys: Either rec me a build for Engie that's actually fun (I tend to like area control + ally buffing) or sell me on the Warrior.

    Warrior pitch: Most weapons in the game. Can build it to do whatever you'd like, ranged or melee. Plate armor looks awesome.

    Does it have guns?

    I admit, I do kind of make my characters with semi-themes (my Sylvari is a Necromancer because I wanted to go against the HURRR NATURE CUTENESS MAGIC KYA theme, same with Norn Mesmer and Asura Thief/Ranger...)

    then again Asura Warrior might be hilarious

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  • jkylefultonjkylefulton Squid...or Kid? NNID - majpellRegistered User regular
    Guns AND Longbows!

    And the Sylvari are amazing.

  • Lucid_SeraphLucid_Seraph TealDeer MarylandRegistered User regular
    Guns AND Longbows!

    And the Sylvari are amazing.

    ... okay I may have to switch my Asura to Warrior and my Charr to


    Something that isn't Engie. I love the CONCEPT of the Engineer but the execution has thus far been kind of eh.

    Sylvari have been unexpectedly awesome! As a general rule I kind of hate elves, because most of the time they're the hoity-toity self-righteous Gary Stu self inserts that are SO PERFECT and coincidentially pander to the philosophy of whoever is writing them

    but the GW2 team first made the Sylvari the YOUNGEST race, which was a nice step, then made them believably alien (they're REALLY weird lookin and I LOVE that) and then chucked in a bunch of Arthurian mythology and I am a sucker for that (I flipped out through the entire Green Knight storyline in beta lemmie tell ya)

    See You Space Cowboy: a ttrpg about sad space bounty hunters
  • Kai_SanKai_San Commonly known as Klineshrike! Registered User regular
    Kai_San wrote: »
    On a side note, my phones auto correct is seriously trying to get me in trouble here with some of the things its changing.

    Auto correct can get you in sooo much trouble :(

    You wouldnt believe what trading post became -_-

  • DarkewolfeDarkewolfe Registered User regular
    The gem store is basically the same as the item exchanges in GW1, right?

    What is this I don't even.
  • Kai_SanKai_San Commonly known as Klineshrike! Registered User regular
    Darkewolfe wrote: »
    The gem store is basically the same as the item exchanges in GW1, right?

    If you mean gem exchange, then kind of.

    Sounds like it is a combination of what huggles and iron were saying. You don't place them on the TP literally like other items, but the rate it exchanges is based on how players are influencing their value.

    Thats what I read it as anyway. I believe the point is Anet doesn't control he rate directly but at the same time you cant choose to sell gems for 1c

  • CorehealerCorehealer The Apothecary The softer edge of the universe.Registered User regular
    Hey guys, new thread:

    Just to make sure you don't devour what's left of this one before I can replace it.

  • cant0rcant0r Registered User regular
    Huggles wrote: »
    ironzerg wrote: »
    Topia wrote: »
    The biggest difference between an auction house and our trading post is just substantially better. Otherwise, it's not that different.

    Oh, you!

    (You guys are welcome to heap praise on the trading post all you want, as that's the thing my team did that I'm most passionate about.)

    @World as Myth Quick question, to clarify things. The gem market IS player driven, correct? As in (within limits) I decide how much I want to sell my gems for, and other players decide how much they're willing to spend, correct?

    From the GW2 Wiki:

    It looks like Gems are traded for gold in exactly the same way as everything else.

    Yes, within limits, it is player driven. At any given time, the gem-gold conversion rate exists on a curve that is set based on the most recent conversions. What this hopefully does is create supply and demand in a semi-organic way: if the value of gold for gems is particularly good, for instance, people will trade their gold in more often, driving up the scarcity of gems and the availability of gold. This in turn makes the conversion rate for gold much more attractive to those who want to trade gems for it. Even if there's a huge imbalance, somebody (hopefully several somebodies) will see that crazy high price and go "shit, I've got 500 gems, I'm gonna get rich off 'em" and balance the scales.

    To say that you can just set any old price for your gems and wait around for someone to buy them, however, is incorrect. There are definitely limits imposed to keep things from going too bananas.

    Thanks for the clarification! +1 to the Black Lion fan club from me. I'll bet you can't wait to see how it pans out at release.

    I watch the forums on about a half dozen sites nervously during every beta, looking for some angry mob to start yelling "I HATE THE TRADING POST. WHOEVER DESIGNED THIS NEEDS A LOBOTOMY." So far there's been very little of that, so I count it as a smashing success.
    WaM, the trading post UI and functionality is absolutely lovely, you deserve mad kudos!

    I did have a couple questions... Anyone know if the historical price trend feature that (I believe) existed in BWE1 is going to make a comeback? I hope so, because I fear without it, the market sharks will make easy profits by causing short-term price spikes. Non-savvy market players will be the prey due to, you know, information asymmetry n stuff. Damn rentier class.

    Also, I wonder if there a "saved search" feature has been discussed? Or searches by a broad range of criteria? I mean, what if every morning I want to do a quick check for some "level 35 Purple Pants of Dopeness", for example.

    Or what if I wanted to put in a buy order for some class of item. You know, like "I'll buy any level 10 pants for 5s" or something.

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