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Stuck at work and bored....I need something to escape mentally while at my desk.

So far I've found 'The Joe Rogan Experience' and Epic Battle Axes podcasts enjoyable. But Ive been steam rolling through those both!

Anyone have a favourite they could recommend?
Dont mind what the podcasts about as long as its interesting/entertaining and can fill more than 10mins.

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  • saltinesssaltiness Registered User regular
    My rotation:

    This American Life, Radiolab, pretty much anything from NPR, Adam Carolla's Carcast and Ace on the House, The Dave Ramsey Show, Skeptoid, Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Star Talk, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.

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  • NappuccinoNappuccino Registered User regular
    Huge recommendations for Radiolab and Idle Thumbs (pretty much the best gaming podcast- the right mix of indepth insight and absurd hilarious tangents- it is very much worth going through their backlog because their discussions about game design are still incredibly timely even if the games they talk about might be a little dated (farcry 2).

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  • noir_bloodnoir_blood Registered User regular

    Even if you're not a fan of Kevin Smith, he and Scott Mosier are really entertaining. I would start off with some of the earlier episodes, but most are good. If you find you like his thing, he has a bunch of other podcasts that he either shows up in, or are related to him in some way.

    The Moth is alway good for a listen-just people telling stories.

    Comedy Bang Bang and Doug Loves Movie are fun too.

  • kuhlmeyekuhlmeye Registered User regular
    Giantbombcast is pretty good. Gaming podcast that is usually about 2-3 hours long, also very funny.

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  • RyadicRyadic Registered User regular
    I've been listening to Lunaticradio for a few years now. It's funny. Not for everyone, though.

  • RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
    My Brother, My Brother and Me is a ridiculously hilarious "advice" podcast where three brothers "answer" questions from Yahoo! Answers.

    You Look Nice Today is one of my all-time favorites. Three dudes on the phone with each other just sort of improv-riffing on each other's topics. I know this setup sounds god-awful, and it usually is, but these three are absolutely hysterical. Has featured Johnathan Coulton and John Hodgman as guests in the past, but it's usually just Adam, Scott and Merlin doing what they do best.

  • Theodore FlooseveltTheodore Floosevelt proud parent of eight beautiful girls and shalmelo dorne (which is currently being ruled by a woman (awesome role model for my daughters)) #dornedadRegistered User regular
    Earwolf's roster is all pretty excellent, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Improv4Humans being the standouts for me. Who Charted? is also pretty solid, though I haven't been listening to it every week for a while now.

    I used to be big on How Did This Get Made?, but I think The Flop House is a superior bad movies podcast. HDTGM isn't bad, but Flop House has much less incredulity and yelling, and the three co-hosts just seem to have a lot more fun, honestly.

    Indoor Kids is pretty cute, being a husband and wife who play video games together, though I find it's generally pretty hit-or-miss depending on the guest.

  • ThesmileyemoThesmileyemo Registered User regular
    I've always liked The Complete Guide to Everything. It's two guys just bullshitting for an hour every week, and they have some pretty great episodes.

    I also have been listening to The Comedy Button lately.

  • RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
    The Nerdist is another great podcast, with pretty amazing interviews. Last couple of great guests included Joan Rivers and Alton Brown, both of which were great to listen to. The Nerdist has a ton of podcasts and youtube shows out now, so you may find even more there to listen to then just the core Nerdist podcast.

    Also - if you have a smartphone, I recommend Stitcher, it's a great app for finding NPR shows and podcasts and streaming them without having to worry about downloading them ahead of time.

  • mysticjuicermysticjuicer [he/him] I'm a muscle wizard and I cast P U N C HRegistered User regular
    Going to second "My Brother, My Brother and Me."

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  • BerserkisBerserkis Registered User regular
    Thanks everyone! I'll be checking them out for sure. I do have the time to do so :)

  • GnomeTankGnomeTank Registered User regular
    AstronomyCast if you're in to that kind of thing. The pace of episodes has slowed down, but there is a MASSIVE backlog, spanning back five or six years, and one of the hosts is a Ph.D physicist who actually teaches this stuff...and she's very good at explaining things.

    I highly recommend the series about astronomy history and the founders of astronomy. Great stuff.

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  • EWomEWom Registered User regular
    Guntalk is one of my favorites. It's the podcast download of a weekly radio show that's 3 hours of talking about guns, broke down into 3 podcasts per week.

    Whether they find a life there or not, I think Jupiter should be called an enemy planet.
  • GrisloGrislo Registered User regular
    Jay Mohr's podcast is good. Aisha Tyler's too, though I find that hers is somewhat dependent on the guest, but she's had some pretty good ones.

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  • japanjapan Registered User regular
    Anything from BBC Radio 4:

    I'm particularly fond of In Our Time, From Our Own Correspondent, and Analysis. Their one-off series like A Brief History of Mathematics and A History of The World in 100 Objects are very good too.

  • Page-Page- Registered User regular
    The Skeptoid podcast is a lot of fun, especially the episodes where he answers listener mail. Check it out if there's a topic you're interested in.

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  • MortiousMortious The Nightmare Begins Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
    Monster Talk is one of my go-to podcasts.
    Also 3rd'd for Skeptoid.

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  • Apothe0sisApothe0sis Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Registered User regular
    Skeptoid: Skeptical Analysis of Pop Phenomenon - Skeptoid, with Brian Dunning of is a bite sized look at different things with a skeptical eye. It's entertaining in and of itself. Highly recommend.

    Reasonable Doubts - Dave Fletcher, Jeremy Beahan, The Doctor-Professor Luke Galan and recent addition Justin Sheeba present an atheistic podcast - it has a number of segments, God Thinks Like You (wherein the DrProf relates the latest in psychological research relating to religion), Skeptic's Sunday School (wherein Jeremy does counter-apologetics or biblical criticism), Stranger than Fiction (wherein Fletch presents the weird religious story of the week) and other such things which make it the best atheistic podcast that I have found. They view themselves as non-aggressive atheists (i.e. not aggressive as the News are typically described) but they also reject the accomodationist position.

    Point of Inquiry - (This information is now slightly out of date as Dr Price left PoI to start the Bible Geek and was replaced by someone else) This is the once great podcast for the Center For Inquiry (spelled in the American way because they are 'Murcan). Used to be headed up by the DJ Grothe, who was a fantastic host - interviews mosty with people who had written books on the subject of scepticism, atheism, religion and so forth. I fully recommend getting the early podcasts - until around the start of this year, and then making up your mind explanation follows.
    Around the time of the Blasphemy Day "controversy" which saw disagreements between Paul Kurtz (founder of CFI) and the CFI executive DJ Grothe left CFI and took up a position as director of the JREF 1 Million Dollar challenge. Since then, it has a three host format, with Chris Mooney (journalist author of The Republican War on Science), Karen Stollznow (from the MonsterTalk podcast) and Robert M. Price (of The Bible Geek podcast).

    Mooney does 2 of every 4 podcasts, with the others doing one each. It's very much gone downhill since then. Mooney is really pushing his accomodationist agenda into the shows he does - whereas Grothe, rather less of an accomodationist was pretty much impossible to guage from his interview style. Stollznow's interviews are ok, but rather bland. Robert Price's are either really good (mostly the case) or really bad (like his interview with Thomas JJ Altizer or the one about the Chocolate Jesus). They also each have broad areas that they specialise in - Stollznow mainly does scepticism and athiest community type interviews, Price religion and Mooney politics and so forth.

    I am way less excited when there's a new episode nowadays, Mooney is basically unlistenable, it's not that I disagree with him that's the issue, it's that he offers such bad arguments for what is a reasonable position.

    The Bible Geek - Robert M. Price (now of the aforementioned Point of Inquiry) answers listener submitted questions about the Bible and theology. Price is a Christ mythicist, member of the Jesus seminar and has taught Biblical Criticism in a huge range of places. It's all quite fascinating, though it sounds really dry, it isn't. The odd wrinkle is that Price is A) a huge geek (he loves comics, pulp barbarian novels, Lovecraft, etc...) and B) hugely conservative (he HATES Obama, hates the Unitarian Universalists for their liberal agenda and makes the occasional comments about this, he's pro-life and a few other things), which makes for the occasional O_o moments. He is however a charismatic and learned guy so the podcast is really listenable. He also seems to release a new one every other day, so you'll never run out.

    The Center for Inquiry then started The Human Bible - which is much like the Bible Geek but pitched at a more educational and introductory level. It is really great.

    Dr Karl's Podcasts - there are actually 4 podcasts

    Anyway Dr Karl Sven Woytek Sas Konkovitch Matthew Kruszelnick is an Australian media personality who has had a crazily interesting and varied career. Distinguished for his love of science he appears on 4 different podcasts and each of them are fun - Great Moments in Science, Karl talks about something interesting and science related. Science on Mornings with Zan Row, which is a recording of a radio segment for Triple J wherein people call in and ask questions and Karl answers them, Dr Karl's Blogcast, which I haven't listened to yet but hear good things about and a BBC version of the Science on Mornings podcast (which happens at 3AM BBC time O_o).

    Read it and Weep - 3 improv comedian types read/watch a bad book/bad movie and then discuss it for half an hour. It's frequently laugh out loud funny, but it isn't what one would except from hearing about the format. They rarely get into specifics about why the things are so terrible and you'll rarely have any idea what the actual story of the books are if you haven't read them despite their summarizing them every episode even. The main downside is that they think improv comedy is a real thing and occasionally this afflicts the podcast.

    The Geologic Podcast - George 'Geo' Hrab, atheist, comedian, musician, guy who looks sort of like Moby. What can a man say about him?
    It's a long form podcast wherein George does regular skits (usually in the form of phonecalls with himself, doing odd voices), segments such as "Religious Moron of the Week" or "Ask George" and then talking about stuff that he finds interesting and telling stories. I don't like his music, but I like hearing him talk about music, I like the things he edits together but find some of his skits tiresome. Still, the whole thing keeps me entertained and my car radio is broken so it continues. Also, I do like the song he did with the Bad Astronomer Phil Plait, it's cool.

    I have just recently started listening to Security Now and Linux Outlaws.

    These are all pretty listenable, thought Security Now, Linux Outlaws, Read It and Weep and The Geologic Podcast as are all of either narrow appeal or an acquired taste.

  • AtaxrxesAtaxrxes Cursed EarthRegistered User regular
    Tales From The Spacepod. Irreverent discussion of the paranormal, conspiracies, movies, t.v., music, comics, whatever. Coast to Coast A.M. meets South Park.

  • ToddEvfToddEvf Insanity Chamber Studio, SCRegistered User regular
    I typically recommend The Nerdist, Hollywood Babble-On, Smodcast, and Tell 'em Steve Dave. The last three being part of the Kevin Smith's Smodcast Network.

  • TheBlackWindTheBlackWind Registered User regular
    The Bugle. So hard. Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver cover the week in news, sports, and just general bullshit. So good

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  • ASimPersonASimPerson And they will tremble again at the sound of our silence.Registered User regular
    Do you like history?

    I mean, do you really like history?

    To the tune of nearly 200 episodes about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire?

    Then it is hard to go wrong with the appropriately titled History of Rome

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  • SkeithSkeith Registered User regular
    Car Talk is good. I just recently finished the History of Rome as well, I liked that one a lot, and am looking forward to what he decides to cover next.

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  • Mike DangerMike Danger "Diane..." a place both wonderful and strangeRegistered User regular
    I like The News From Lake Wobegon but I am always unsure of whether or not to recommend it to people. Every now and then Keillor goes from the silliness to some surprisingly beautiful prose(?)

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  • An-DAn-D Enthusiast AshevilleRegistered User regular
    I'll second most of these. The Nerdist, Radiolab and the Comedy Button especially as of late.

    I'm going to throw in Snap Judgement, which is kind of like This American Life, but with shorter segments and much more focus on story-telling. I've been listening to that like crazy.

    And if you don't mind paying money, I'll definitely say that Never Not Funny is my favorite podcast ever.

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  • SanderJKSanderJK Crocodylus Pontifex Sinterklasicus Madrid, 3000 ADRegistered User regular
    The Bugle is a favorite of mine. If you are a fan of bad puns it gets even better.

    The Giantbomb Bombcast is pretty damn funny, about games and the game industry but it gets hilariously offtopic. is Neil deGrasse-Tysons show, which is great for astronomy/science although his cohosts can be a bit iffy.

    History of Rome is incredibly indepth and very educational.

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  • An-DAn-D Enthusiast AshevilleRegistered User regular
    Star Talk Radio is pretty fantastic. And yeah, the co-hosts can hog some of the attention (and Neil sometimes tries to compete with them for jokes, and it can be kinda weird sometimes).

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