Razer Hydra....has anyone used it?

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I was looking for "mouse" solutions for an HTPC gaming rig. The gamepad is inferior for FPS games and the hat is awkward to control windows with.

The options I was seeing were
1. standard keyboard and mouse on some kind of folding desk, possibly trackball instead of mouse
2. wiimote(or ps move) simulating a mouse
3. this thing that just caught my eye

Supposedly allows for motion and gesture controls. I don't know anything about it other than it looks all futuristic and has mediocre reviews.

Has anyone used this and if so what are your thoughts?

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    DkKinglyDkKingly Registered User regular
    My friend has it but I haven't actually gotten my hands on it yet. I will ask him what he thinks next time we talk but I'm pretty sure he loves it. You usually can't go wrong with Razer products although their customer service sucks if you've ever had to contact them.

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    rembrandtqeinsteinrembrandtqeinstein Registered User regular
    I thought of another solution but it will take up more couch space.

    A mouse that works reliably on soft surfaces (Logitech Performance MX is my wireless of choice, they also have a gaming mouse but I'm not sure it uses the same sensing tech. Also Razer Epic Naga is a possibility but I don't know how well it works on couches. And I like the layout of the Naga Hex but again I'm not sure it is wireless or the couch usability.

    Then in the right hand my plan is for a Razer Nostromo or a Logitech G13 but I'll have to play with them in the store before I make a decision. Right now I can play XCOM from the couch with an ancient LED optical mouse on the couch and the keyboard on my lap. I haven't tried anything actiony yet with that setup.

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    TPSouTPSou Mr Registered User regular
    I also have a similar issue, I play on a couch and using a full keyboard/ mouse is a pain. At the moment I use a Razer Lycosa (crap keyboard, just feel I should use it since it cost a fair bit) and a Razer Naga (which is fantastic although I still really have to use it on something hard like a book for it to work reliably). I do have a Logitech G15 but I haven't really found a good way to set it up for games yet, I used it for a while with SWTOR, and should really with BF3 but it doesn't provide a good enough experience ot justify getting it out and setting it up, and still having my keyboard to hand in case I need to type something.

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