What game is this? RPG from possibly the early 90s

miss.miserymiss.misery Registered User new member
I've been trying to find a game that I used to play. I'll briefly describe portions of the game - maybe someone knows?
Played on a PC, similar to Ultima (looking down on a character, moving up, down, left and right etc).
You start out on an island with nothing. Moving around you discover a hole, with a letter and lamp inside. Tells you about what to do or who to seek.
Visit many areas, I think that as you walk you fall into battle on another screen, then when the battle is over you continue on.
There is an area with three towns that look alike yet they do not get along with each other. Each town has the same clothing color (one blue town, one red and one green? I could be wrong on the colors). There is some machine in the middle of town that dispenses clothing - and you better get the same color as everyone else or you are a target. But if you mess with the knobs the clothing comes out tie-dyed or just messed up colors.
At one point you meet someone who says their son has been kidnapped. You will find him in another location (castle-type place?) and you have to make him agree to go with you. Can't escape the place he's in because of security, but you can find a hole in the shrubs.
Towards the end of the game you are in a town where all of the townspeople have some crazy disease or something. They have all been transformed into plants or tree people, and they can't talk. You find one that can communicate, and I think they tell you how to cure the rest.
Another location is like a mine, where you see workers move in to work and then exit to leave. They carry and leave around picks and other mining stuff. You can't talk to the miners, they just don't acknowledge you. But I think the mine itself is a connection between two towns.
Sorry I don't have much, I played this many years ago. And I've been searching for it for many years as well, so hopefully someone can help. Thanks for reading!

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