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[Phalla]nta's List: Naughty or Nice (mini) - Day 6

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Phallanta's List: Naughty or Nice

Phalla, Phalla, time is near.
Time for gore and time for fear.
We've been good, but we can't last
Hurry Phalla, kill us fast.


Category: Experimental mini phalla

WHAHAHAHAHA! It seems that Santa Gragas here had a little much to drink last night. It seems that this gift giving rabble rouser may have spilled a little too much Grog on my naughty or nice list last night. There are a few out there who have been trying to stop Santa Gragas from bringing your presents. I think one of them may have slipped something in my drink. I need all of your help to remember who has been naughty and who has been nice.

Game Overview

This mini phalla is currently planned for 30 players. I may remove a few if we run into trouble filling signups from the holiday season.

If you have never played in a phalla before, you are still welcome to sign up. However I suggest that you try to review general rules and past games on the CF Phalla game list Thread.



Each day, you will make TWO votes. One in bold red and one in bold green. For most days (but possibly not all), the top player from each color will be decided upon being naughty or nice. One player will always be naughty and one player will always be nice. However, it will not be the same color chosen each day.

A player who is marked naughty, they are removed from the game.

A player who is marked nice will have an opportunity to receive an early Christmas present! However, since I cannot recall who may been trying to stop be from Santa Gragas from delivering presents or who messed with my drink, you may be put back be voted upon again with closer look into if you are naughty or nice.

You can retract a vote by simply making a new vote on someone else or by entering your vote in a new post with the word 'retract' within that same color. i.e. if you voted for CaptainPlanet82, you could later post retract CaptainPlanet82 to let me know. DO NOT EDIT VOTE POSTS. DON'T DO IT! THIS MAKES SANTA GRAGAS VERY UPSET!

Just to be clear how the voting and win conditions go:

When the day ends, there will be a top place for red and a top place for green.

one of these two will receive a present and a nice mark next to their name.

the other choice will receive a naughty mark next to their name and will leave the game (i.e. voted out).

Some players such as those trying to stop holiday cheer might be always naughty. others might be always nice. So let's say someone always naughty gets voted as top place for red and on that same day red is the nice marking. That player will still get a present, appear on the list of nice ...until they are killed or the game ends.

As far as win conditions, both dead and alive player marks are used for the tally.

The evil evil people trying to stop the holiday cheer (i.e. mafia)

They will be trying to steal my wonderful presents and trying to get everyone put on the naughty list. You must try and stop them before this happens.

The Village ... wait, do we have a village?

NO! Not this time. I cannot remember who is naughty and who is nice. Everyone will have to be decided upon being naughty or nice first. So for the sake of this game, consider yourself neutral until told otherwise.

General win conditions:

First everyone must receive a decision on naughty or nice except for those trying to stop the holiday cheer (mafia). If these evil doers (mafia) get enough people on the naughty list, they will come forth and celebrate in their own way.

If the those devilish scoundrels preventing me from delivering presents are all eliminated AND everyone has received a naughty or nice mark, the winners will be the group with the highest numbers. i.e. if there are 17 players who are naughty and 13 who are nice, the naughty players have overtaken Christmas with their chaos.

Early Presents

These will be excellent gifts for those players when who are VOTED onto the nice list. However, those evil dudes (mafia) really want these too. If they get one of these presents, bad things could happen.

Clarifications - post any questions you have for the host (that's me!) in darkorange and bold OR send me a PM message with your question. I will compile any necessary answers (or clarification denies) here. I will try to be as prompt as possible.
How long is this going to vote to go through ALL the players?!
- Voting is not the only way players can end up naughty or nice. And that is all I will say for now.

Is the red vote always naughty and the green vote always nice?
- Not at all! Which color is decided naughty and which decided nice will be decided each day through REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED! CLARIFICATION DENIED! Santa Gragas must keep some magic in Christmas.

What happens if one person receives both the Red and Green votes?
- You and anyone who voted for you in both colors would be sucked into a blackhole. Then I would just move to the next names like it never happened.

Are players taken out of the game by means other than the vote automatically naughty, or does that depend? Players who are always nice stay nice even if they get voted naughty and hence removed?
- The vote is not he only way to receive a naughty or nice mark. That would just take way too long. It is possible to receive either mark and still be in the game.

Vanilla Win Condition:

If you are marked nice, win by having the amount of nice outnumber the amount of naughty.

If you are marked naughty, win by having the amount of naughty outnumber the amount of nice.

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