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I've created a need for a 20- to 24-man Team Fortress 2 server, and I am debating a few options:

1) rent one
2) run it on my own PC, on which I'd be playing at the same time
3) building a dedicated server box

The recommended requirements for a TF2 server are a 2.0GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. From an internet connection standpoint, I've read that upload bandwidth is the limiting factor for TF2 server performance, and that a 24-man server requires anywhere from 3mbps to 6mbps, depending on mods.

-My current PC has a Phenom 955, overclocked to 3.8GHz, and 16GB of RAM.
-My current down/up speed is 50/25.

Is there anything stopping me from running a TF2 server instance on my own machine, while also running an instance of the game client, with solid performance? If there are limiting or preventing factors, can anyone recommend a relatively cheap server build?

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