Issues with Mac repair shop, they want me to buy the part myself??

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    They bought a part for your 2 year old laptop from a guy on Ebay? Uh, aren't there less sketchy places to get parts for Apple laptops? RE: The inverter not working, yeah I've seen that sort of thing before in other laptops where we replaced something and then the inverter either went, or was flakey. I hated making those calls, always knew the client was going to feel like they were getting ripped off but it's a common part to go in laptops.

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    What kind of a repair shop sources second-hand parts from Ebay to repair a customers laptop?

    I can answer that.


    Get your laptop and your money back, and take it somewhere that isn't some 14 year old kid working out of his parents attic.

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    You can ask for the machine back with the old broken parts reinstalled, but I doubt it is your quickest and cheapest path to a working machine.

    Could they have broken the inverter during install? It's possible, but I doubt that's more likely than it just being busted since that's a likely candidate during screen failure.

    Machines built with very tight tolerances that are not rebadged ODMs are more difficult to work on, and generally there's more of a premium on fixing them.

    They want you to buy the parts so they don't have to warrant them. If it shows up DOA and they do the install it's on you to get a replacement part. They can charge you less doing so; I do it often with auto parts on repairs I don't want to deal with.

    You should be able to get a decent quote from another shop or Apple is you specify what all needs to be replaced (screen plus inverter, and possibly the entire topcase/lid, replacement of which Apple might do out of course).

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