[Mini-Phalla] Phalla Royale - Day 7 - Gedo High School Victory!



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    So I changed a few things in here for abilities and such. I'll go with the 5 zone idea, 1 move per night by players and only 1 zone to be closed per night. For escape, there will be 2 different escape paths, so instead of learning there's gas and boats, you might learn that one boat needs gas and maybe you find a plane which needs a key and manual to fly, or some such for example.

    1) Dedicated Student –
    Play the part of an average student, dragged into the game against your will. While you may not have any extreme advantages over the rest of the field, together with your teammates or other allies, you may stand a chance of survival. Just beware of lone wolves and other possible traitors... You may choose one of the following bonuses:
    a) Melee Specialist – You gain one extra melee attack at -20% chance with all melee weapons. The -20% hit chance applies to your bonus attack. You begin with a knife in addition to your other random item.
    b) Carry and Conceal – You’ve snuck a Handgun into the game! You will have a handgun to start along with the other random item.
    c) Explosives Specialist – You gain a -30% chance to dodge explosive attacks. Splash damage does 1 less damage to you.
    d) Lucky! – You start with two items instead of one. Choose a type of item and you’ll be given a random item from that list (Melee, Ranged, Explosive, Trap, Support)
    e) Bully – You may choose up to three rivals this game. Yes, this does mean you could potentially get +3 damage to all of your attacks.
    f) Tough – You start with 4 hit points instead of 3. You reduce total damage done to you by 1 each night.
    g) Insightful – You start with the knowledge of how to escape the island. This does not grant you all the requirements, you simply know what they are. If you come across any hidden components that could help you escape, you will be notified.
    h) Perceptive – You are able to see all concealed items from players in your zone each night. You cannot be poisoned.
    i) Martial Arts Specialist – You took a karate class as a kid! Your unarmed attacks are improved. When using an unarmed attack, your base chance to hit is now 80% and you may attack two times each night. Brass Knuckles allow you to attack three times each night. You may only carry 2 items instead of the usual 3. The melee block was removed.

    2) Lovers –
    There may be someone involved in Battle Royale that you cannot bear to be separated from. The relationship between the two of you will provide you with strength to survive the game as you look out for each other’s safety. But if you lose your partner, there may be consequences. A pair of players may take the Lovers role by mutual agreement in PM to Ardor. Both players must agree to this in a PM. Lovers may win with each other’s team. You are allowed one of the following bonuses as a team:
    a) Shared Fate – You may each choose a single bonus from the Dedicated Student list. You and your lover pool your total hit points together and share that hit point pool. Once that hit point pool is depleted, you will both die.
    b) Sworn Vengeance – You and your lover are both treated as Dedicated Students with no bonuses. You each start with 4 hit points. However, if you or your lover dies, the surviving lover now gains all remaining players as rivals that are not on their team. It will be clearly identified to the players in your zone that you have sworn vengeance for the death of your loved one. You also get healed to full hit points. Yes, this does mean you could potentially have a lot of damage bonus to your attacks.

    I removed the Together Forever.

    3) Lone Wolf -
    There are certain exceptional students who have no need for allies that will only slow their progress, students that are in the game only for themselves. Some students have been rumored to sign themselves or their own schools up for The Program just for the thrill. These dangerous players will not stop until they stand alone at the game’s end. If you are not granted the request, you will be given a Dedicated Student role. Lone Wolves may only win as the last player standing or escaping. Lone Wolves do not win with their school team. Lone Wolves start with 5 hit points. There can only be maximum 2 Lone Wolves in the game. All players who wish to be a Lone Wolf will send this request to Ardor when signing up for the game. Lone Wolves may pick 1 of the following bonuses in addition to 1 of the Dedicated Student bonuses:
    a) Weapons Expert – Gain +20% hit chance with all weapons. You are guaranteed to start with a weapon. You may state if you want a melee, ranged or explosive weapon. You will randomly get a weapon from the list that you pick.
    b) Kitano’s Pet – Your collar is deactivated. Anytime you help kill a player, you are awarded with a random item from Kitano. You may ask Kitano the location of a single player each day and he will tell you. Kitano will always tell you the following each night:
    i) The location of your rival
    ii) If the other Lone Wolf is alive
    iii) How many lover couples are still alive
    c) Survivor – Start with 8 hit points instead of 5.
    d) Hatred – All lovers in your zone will be identified to you each night. When you find a lover, you gain them as a rival.
    e) Maniacal – You gain all players as rivals. You are identified as a Lone Wolf in the narration after you help kill two players (resulting in +2 damage to your attacks), or you are still alive on Day 3, whichever comes first. Once identified, you gain one of the following bonuses of your choice:
    i) +3 current and max hit points
    ii) 20% dodge and hit bonus
    iii) Two weapon type of your choice.
    iv) -1 damage from each player per night. (So if a player hits you twice, you only negate 1 damage in total from that player).

    Any thoughts on these?

    My hope was, removing the free analyze would force people to "analyze" with their action, so less students/lovers/lone wolves should be identified. I also wanted to make the lone wolves much tougher to kill. I think letting them choose 2 abilities and reducing the number of players analyzing each night (through removing the free analyze) would help them live longer.

    Any other thoughts about abilities? I can always add/remove more as well.

    Thanks for your time!

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