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Weird humming noise from my TV

RichardRichard Registered User regular
My LCD TV has started making this really loud and annoying sound and hopefully someone on this forum has an idea in regards to why.

It is a loud humming noise, and I have tried to disconnect everything from the TV set (amp and 360) but it does not help. I have however had some success in pressing all buttons on the remote and what I have found out is:

* The noise disappears when I watch digital or analog TV.
* If there is no channel signal the TV shows a "No Signal" popup with blue or black background and the sound starts. However if I go into the TV menu and change the Picture presets the sounds disappears even if I end of choosing the same as it was before.
* The noise if not affected by changing color, contrast, brightness or sharpness.
* The noise is not affected by the volume or muting the TV. It is not possible as far as I know to turn the speakers off.
* The sound is present when using my 360 to watch DVD's or play games. The XBOX is connected with HDMI. It is possible to change picture presets and make the sound go away in the Dashboard but when playing a game the sound comes back and changing presets does not help. When watching a DVD changing the presets does not remove the noise.
* Connecting my PC to the TV using VGA and choosing the PC source makes the sound start. However it is possible to press a button on the remote making the TV show two sources and when changing back from this to only the PC source the sound goes away.

Sorry for the somewhat confusing error description but hopefully someone in here has a good guess on what I should do. I have the money to buy a new TV but logistically it might be a problem right now.


  • FantasmaFantasma Registered User regular
    It could be a manufacturing defect, sounds like the TV is trying to tune a channel. It is very common in electronics for some coils to produce noise.

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