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Is my PS3 dying?

cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm RegentBears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
Lately it's had an odd time with discs. It takes it, reads it, nothing happens, then I can eject it. Power cycling let it read discs again and it's working fine today. Could it be a lens issue? Is it about to die on me?

I've had it for a few years so I'd hate to lose it already.
My Saturn lasts for almost twenty years and Sony hardware barely lasts five. :(



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    Bendery It Like BeckhamBendery It Like Beckham Hopeless Registered User regular
    sadly yes, this is a fairly common issue I see at work.

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    InvisibleInvisible Registered User regular
    That doesn't sound good. I'm assuming you've tried multiple discs and it's doing this to all of them? Have you tried DVDs or CDs?

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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    Yep, multiple discs. It's running fine today, but yesterday not so much.

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