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The Cold War Era -- a P2P RTS

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TCWE is a P2P RTS strategy game based on the epic conflict between the Americans and the Soviets spanning the 1950s through the 1990s. TCWE is developed by the Montreal-based game design company Alina Digital.

To play TCWE beta download the game via this link:

The primary objective in TCWE is to marshal the most countries into the player's sphere of influence using military tactics, propaganda and spy networks before time runs out. Players can choose to play as either the U.S. or the U.S.S.R. as they rewrite history and forge a new outcome for the notorious Cold War.


This screenshot shows the tech tree used to participate in the Space Race in TCWE. Advancing technology in the Space Race is one way players can win world Influence, turning Neutral countries into Allies to up their score and help defeat their opponent.

TCWE's creators intend it to be an easy-to-play, streamlined gaming experience. Each match-up only takes one hour to play, start to finish. Because the challenge in TCWE comes directly from a human opponent and not from complex game controls, TCWE is targeted toward strategy game lovers of all ages and skill levels.

View the game's video trailer to get a taste of TCWE's atmosphere:

The Cold War Era Official YouTube Trailer

Game Features
  • Play P2P and match wits against a human opponent, or battle in single-player mode against a crafty AI (coming soon!).
  • Play any time against a live opponent via TCWE's game server.
  • Immerse yourself in a realistic atmosphere that recreates the true Cold War.
  • Choose your side and play as either the Americans or the Soviets to rewrite Cold War history.
  • Install military units to prop up the local Allied government or transform rebels into revolutionaries in Opposing countries.
  • Establish spy networks to support government propaganda campaigns or shake loose the Opposition's stronghold.
  • Launch rockets, satellites and astronauts into space to shock and amaze the world and win their alliance.
  • Devise your own strategies and tactics, forcing your opponent to play by your rules.
  • Use time to your advantage -- each Cold War Era matchup only takes 1 hour to play, start to finish.
  • Keep on top of the game's goings-on by watching TCWE's unique in-game TV stream. This TV stream consists of real-life news footage shot during the Cold War era, edited to represent the players' in-game activities.


TCWE's game interface is based on an interactive world map and menus. Here's what TCWE menus tell players during the game:
  • Players' Influence in each country and worldwide.
  • Their Opponent's Influence in Influenced, Neutral and Opposing countries.
  • Number of military units stationed in each country.
  • Spy network status and propaganda campaign success.
  • Remaining budget, which determines what initiatives can be launched.
  • Space Race Milestone achievements, which help win global Influence.
  • Each country's score value, which is used to calculate a player's Budget.
  • Their Total Score as game events unfold.

TCWE is currently in development and Alina Digital expects to release the game in Q3. To find out more about TCWE, please visit the official website, Facebook page, blog, or follow @AlinaDigitalDev on Twitter.


  • the_mc_masterthe_mc_master Communications Manager for Alina Digital TorontoRegistered User regular
    Note! The current game beta download isn't functional, but you will be able to download and play again this weekend, April 12th to the 14th! I'll post a fresh download link this Friday as soon as it's available. In the meantime, feel free to check out our various pages and leave us some comments. :D

  • the_mc_masterthe_mc_master Communications Manager for Alina Digital TorontoRegistered User regular
    Our new gameplay video shows you exactly what it's like to play TCWE:
    TCWE In-Game Video on YouTube

  • the_mc_masterthe_mc_master Communications Manager for Alina Digital TorontoRegistered User regular
    It's here -- hooray! Just use this link to download TCWE and play all weekend in multi- or single-player mode!

    The server will support play from Friday until Sunday evening. We'd love it if you leave us a comment after you play!

  • the_mc_masterthe_mc_master Communications Manager for Alina Digital TorontoRegistered User regular
    If you've played TCWE and you've decided you want a copy for yourself, we invite you to check out our Donations page to get your order in now! If you buy TCWE before the release date you'll get it for a reduced price. And, if you donate above the purchase price you can get some cool perks & advertising space within TCWE. Message me if you have any questions. :D

  • the_mc_masterthe_mc_master Communications Manager for Alina Digital TorontoRegistered User regular
    Just wanted to let everyone know that pre-orders for TCWE will end on May 1st 2013, so you've still got some time!

    We're almost done working on TCWE and are really excited that its release date is iminent. :D

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