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Strip Search - The Merch

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited April 2013 in Strip Search

Strip Search - The Merch

The Artists must deftly utilize their presentation skills to prevent being chosen for elimination.

Read the full story here

Dog on


  • JoshEckJoshEck Indianapolis, IN, USARegistered User regular
    Guess we may finally see that Redraw Ticket come into play.

    Good choices, Monica. Hard choices, but the best for this particular challenge.

    TheSpyderSuper_HappyOddly NormalemarecksaykayA Concerned CitizenKoopahTroopahCambiata
  • SejarkiSejarki Registered User regular
    Monica seemed so sad. Now I'm sad.

    TheSpyderMKF36EA Concerned CitizenSassorinhainesCambiataRaphDS
  • wn.mikewn.mike archi PTRegistered User regular
    What an awesome challenge idea, and for once I in this series I could not see a clear winner or clear loser.
    Katie signs and layout were very appealing, wonder how close she was to winning this challenge.

    "shit got real"

  • Nova1619Nova1619 Registered User regular
    At first I had some clear favourites in the series, now they're showing everyone as being humans and I don't want anyone to get kicked off :(
    I like both Amy and Maki and the next episode is gonna suck.

    Sandra SnanCambiata
  • Super_HappySuper_Happy Registered User regular
    Not Amy and Maki!

  • MichyGearyMichyGeary Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    I can't wait to see all the comments scorning Amy for looking to the other artists for advice and direction when she was at a complete loss and clear disadvantage. Despite the fact that at least two other contestants mentioned doing it as well (and Erika said that everyone was doing it), and the judges said that it was find to do so.

    Everyone did do a pretty great job on the challenge, so I don't envy Monica for having to choose. She really just had to find some pretty minor things to critique because really, there were only minor things. Tough call but I can see why she went with her choice.

    It's going to be very interesting to see the showdown between Maki and Amy. Especially if that redraw comes into play. I wonder if he would just redraw the word for himself but doom his competitor to use the original word?

    MichyGeary on
    emarecksaykayA Concerned CitizenfraggyCambiata
  • katamariuskatamarius aclastic islandRegistered User regular
    Yay, Monica. Oh no, Maki and Amy. Loved Katie's signage, and thought Abby could have put prices on the stands holding up the books.

  • DeimirDeimir Registered User regular
    Monica's F-bomb when she heard the judgment was the best part of this episode. Equal parts terror and excitement.

    I love how Abby was so nervous but had that spark of inspiration that made Khoo and co facepalm so hard.

    Time off: done. Hotel: ??? Travel: ??? Badges: ???
    PAX Prime attendance: '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16
    A Concerned CitizenemarecksaykayKoopahTroopah
  • BaarogueBaarogue Registered User regular
    God I was so scared by the previews when Abby was freaking out that she'd do something like spill her drink all over the merch or something. I was THRILLED when Robert and Brian gave her such props for her book-standing idea. Great job, Abby!

    Winning these challenges is so bittersweet. You can really see the mixture of happiness, excitement and dread in Monica when they declared her the winner.

    I know it's already happened, but good luck Amy & Maki!

  • wn.mikewn.mike archi PTRegistered User regular
    Abby Book Stands®
    Coming soon on a convention near you.

  • TheSpyderTheSpyder Registered User regular
    I like how Monica is visibilly upset at doing what she went in there for: eliminating artists. Good editing too for the call.

  • FandeathisFandeathis Registered User regular
    Go team Maki! Please knock out the metagamer.

    You fuck wit' Die Antwoord, you fuck wit' da army.
  • TheSpyderTheSpyder Registered User regular
    Yeah, depending on what the Redraw ticket could do it would be interesting to see whatever advantage it could give Maki.

  • GreenPowerRangerGreenPowerRanger Registered User regular

    A Concerned CitizenemarecksaykayKoopahTroopahfraggyxThanatoSx
  • MKF36EMKF36E Untitled EarthRegistered User regular
    oh no! Amy! Maki!

    Dammit, they've already broken the rules once, why not let everyone win? (oh right, because reality.) :(

  • cbricharcbrichar Registered User regular
    KHOODOS FOR ABBY!! YES!!! That was rad.

    Also, though not mentioned explicitly, I think we can all agree that a certain pair of pants most certainly got shat in.

  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    Another one of those challenges that seems hopeless for me.

  • RecycledHeroRecycledHero Registered User regular
    First game show I've seen were people don't want to eliminate each other. I'm Loving it! *mcd's pun not intended

    A Concerned Citizenemarecksaykay
  • Cultural Geek GirlCultural Geek Girl Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Everyone's a winner! It all depends if they capitalize on all these contacts and lessons.

    Also, I was pretty sure the "worried about Abby" editing was a fakeout last episode, because it would have been too obvious, but I'm still so relieved. Girl, you need some confidence in yo self.

    Also discovered today that there is a secret lair where people discuss the show as soon as it is uploaded. I am appoint, internet. I am appoint.

    Cultural Geek Girl on
    Buttoneer, Brigadeer, and Keeper of the Book of Wil Wheaton.
    Triwizard Drinking Tournament - '09 !Hufflepuff unofficial conscript, '10 !Gryffindor
    Nerd blog at
  • CheeseGod99CheeseGod99 Registered User regular
    This is the best reality show I have ever watched, easy. Also, early on I was rooting against Amy, but after reading her stuff, and seeing her developed more on the show, I think Maki is toast... and I am basically rooting for Amy to win at this point.

    A Concerned Citizenfraggy
  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    Monica is my favorite!
    Of the two who went up… easily Amy is my favorite of those two. I’m coming around to her from reading her web comic. Maki I love him on the show but I like Cardigan Weather more than I like Sci-ənce.

    A Concerned Citizenfraggy
  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    CGG: what secret lair?

  • CaptainRedHookCaptainRedHook Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    1:50-1:58 : Maki holding the door for everyone. What a nice guy :)

    Also, man... this shit's just going to get more and more heart-wrenching with each episode, isn't it? I always want everyone to stay so that they can keep showing their potential.

    AGH. Excited for this elimination. I feel like we haven't got enough of these two artist's actual drawing styles in the show yet, but I know both are great from their sites. gonna be a close one, i think.

    that being said...I'm definitely rooting for Maki.
    The combo of epic-beard + art + cool guy + NYC is a winning one with my particular affections.

    CaptainRedHook on
    Oddly NormalemarecksaykaymakitoriKoopahTroopahHipsterSlenderfraggy
  • WeaselsoupWeaselsoup Registered User regular
    Monica made the right choices. it's all very well second guessing people who might criticise Amy for nicking ideas but the point is, there was nothing wrong with nicking ideas - absolutely nothing - but she didn't nick the right ones. If she was less keen on Erika, she might have noticed that signage is vital, for example. people who covered their booths in price signs were thinking from the pov of the customer, and that's going to give you an edge.

    at this point, everyone is great, people have been being knocked out in the order I wanted them to be. not sure this time, because would love to see all the men go before any of the women, but also sort of feel that Amy did much worse than Maki in the skateboard challenge so sort of might deserve to go a little more.

    A Concerned Citizen
  • shapenajishapenaji Registered User regular
    Damn your dramatic editing! I must know what happens!
    Kudos to monica, and to the show... Just goes to show that reality tv is what the contestants make of it, and these are some lovely people.

  • Mr. J.H. GumbyMr. J.H. Gumby Registered User regular
    I have a lot of respect and admiration for Amy's skill as an artist, but there is no way Maki lost the elimination.
    The guy's art is awesome, clever, funny, and he has been able to deliver everytime

  • DexOZDexOZ Registered User regular
    Monica doesn't sh!t her pants = Monica Wins!

  • Sandra SnanSandra Snan Medium-sized European cityRegistered User regular
    They’ve both been so nervous lately… but I won’t be surprised if Maki is more to Gabe’s & Jerry’s tastes than Amy. But we will find out soon enough. BTW, what time are these going up, usually?

  • Spman2099Spman2099 Registered User regular
    Monica and Katie clearly had it going on in this competition. However, I am glad Monica got the win as she has been riding squarely in the middle of the pack through this entire competition.

    I think Monica identified the weakest links (for this challenge) pretty effectively; though I think Tavis could have gone up instead of Amy.

    Either way, I am excited to see Amy and Maki go head to head; I have mentally earmarked both of these contestants for potential top tier status. It will be interesting to see the strength of the comic they produce.

    To be honest, I hope Amy doesn't go home. This competition looks like it means a lot to her. However, Maki IS my favorite guy in the house...

    I feel like the result is going to make me sad either way.

    A Concerned CitizenemarecksaykayfraggyMichyGeary
  • xdeathknightxxdeathknightx Registered User regular
    Monica was seriously cute this episode "ah are we gonna set up a booooooooottttthhhh?" and "f**k I won!" And I really liked her layout. It was clean and it had everything. I think Katie would have been a good second because I really liked her signs. They were funny, clear and drew your eyes.

    I fully agree with Maki going for elimination, it had a "band trying to sell merch at the venue they are playing" feel to it, and not so much a "here's a talented artist trying to sell their work at a con" feel to it.

    Amy was hindered by the fact that she had never done this before. She was smart looking at the other people and what they did but wasn't able to get it to mesh together really well. So I can also see why Monica picked her.

    Although I must say that I didn't really agree with the poster hung at the front of the table that Lexxy did. It will be ruined in no time and it doesn't look great. I'd have lost that one.

    It sucks because I like Amy and Maki but I do think Monica made the right choices in this respect. And I respect that she went through with her initial choices.
    I knew Abby was fine last episode and said so in the other topic. She is pretty often sure that she's the one that is going home but usually manages to do at least something to hit it out of the ballpark. Her table was clean and she had a great idea even while in panic mode.

    And I also noticed what Katie said in the episode. They didn't go through a "we liked this but disliked that" to the stripsearchers themselves. They only said what they liked and kept their dislikes to when they were judging. So it moved away from "we thought these were weak" format and had Monica decide a lot more on her own. So like she said no more obvious losers that are easy to pick.

    A Concerned CitizenemarecksaykayfullofgraceGamercowCambiata
  • KnightmareKnightmare PittsburghRegistered User regular
    I'm excited to see Maki compete in the elimination- his art is fantastic and the way he pumped out that Chandra piece in the Magic episode was proof of his skill. I think he's got a great shot at winning.

    I was disappointed to see that Amy was kind of copy-catting other booths- she was really open about doing so, but seeing her booth compared to Erika's made it a little obvious...

  • A Concerned CitizenA Concerned Citizen Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    If Netflix releases the whole seasons series they produce and still enjoys great success, so can (and should) you Penny Arcade!

    Monica you had a tough choice other than Maki for this elimination and I don't envy you for having to make that decision. You could have easily played the Reality TV game and put both Katie and Maki (thus negating their redraw tickets), but like all the other Artists made the choice based on your personal feeling about that days competition.

    A Concerned Citizen on
  • Cultural Geek GirlCultural Geek Girl Registered User regular
    Concerned Citizen: Netflix had the entire season pre-edited before it put them up. We're getting these things almost as fast as they come off the presses. Instead of "presses" I was going to use the name of the editing software involved, but then I realized I had no idea what editing software anyone used anymore, and I made myself sad.

    Buttoneer, Brigadeer, and Keeper of the Book of Wil Wheaton.
    Triwizard Drinking Tournament - '09 !Hufflepuff unofficial conscript, '10 !Gryffindor
    Nerd blog at
    emarecksaykayA Concerned Citizenescape908enderandrewTheSpyder
  • MonkeyKing1969MonkeyKing1969 Library Man Cape CodRegistered User regular
    Eliminations are not based on portfolios, they are judged on what you can do in 90 minutes off the top of your head. I respect Maki's art and mind that can be viewed from his amazing portfolio and current work, but I think Amy could be quicker on the 'draw' and has raw talent for expressing ideas. So for this elimination I think Amy will win. But, I don't like the mechanics of this contest I'm coming to find.

    This system of one artist choosing two artists to go head to head doesn't do this contest justice. What I want to see is all the artists participate in the elimination rounds. They all choose a topic from the basket and they all execute their topic. The Redraw tickets allow a contestant to redraw from te bucket...thus it means something. And, under this method nobody sits at the house until the end untested. I think elimination rounds MUST include everyone next season.

    A Concerned CitizenSandra Snanduddles
  • VerticalEventVerticalEvent Registered User regular
    Did anyone else notice that it seemed like the judges did not provide any negative feedback to the contestants (previously, we saw them give negative feedback during the review and again during their report to the contestants). I wonder if they caught on that the people responsible for choosing the elimination competitors were relying too much on their feedback, as a cop out of making a decision ("The judge said you had the worst <NOUN>, so that's why I chose you.").

    A Concerned Citizenemarecksaykayoz_in_exileLamp
  • Cultural Geek GirlCultural Geek Girl Registered User regular
    After this, Erika, Monica, and Abby are the only ones who have yet to face the dome, right? All of my babies. One of these days, I'm not going to get away clean.

    Buttoneer, Brigadeer, and Keeper of the Book of Wil Wheaton.
    Triwizard Drinking Tournament - '09 !Hufflepuff unofficial conscript, '10 !Gryffindor
    Nerd blog at
  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Very interesting challenge to watch.

    It was so uncomfortable watching Abby completely lose it. The look on her face while the judges were talking, wow. Definitely not her usual goofy self. I'm very happy she got some high praise and taught Penny Arcade a few things. But wow, that was hard to watch.

    I recently became very impressed with Monica on the show. I started reading her webcomic this week, which is fantastic too. I was very happy to support her IndieGoGo a couple days ago, and very happy to see her win a challenge. I did not envy her choice on who to send to the Creators. You can really see how well everyone likes and respects each other at this point, and like Katie said there were no clear losers. That said...

    Tavis: I was not very impressed with his booth. If I was at a con, I'd probably walk right past it. The signage is so small and overall the booth looked very plain. Like Khoo says, no place to sketch either.

    Lexxy: An inviting booth, to be sure. It would be very intimate tucked into a quiet corner someplace, and I would feel very comfortable just going up and chatting with her at it, or watch her sketch. My main criticism would be how sparse it is. There's really not a lot on the table and I'm not sure it would occur to me to actually buy anything from her. Signage is poor.

    Katie: Probably one of the best merch booths, from a selling standpoint. Signs use color, very exciting and creative marketing. The layout is very attractive on the table. Unlike say Lexxy's, probably not a great booth to go talk to the artist at, but I could see her standing behind it and selling a lot of merch. I would definitely part with some money at it, and it would probably be on the higher-margin items. Pity about prices being wrong.

    Maki: Sadly, rather disorganized, and the signage is truly awful. Kind of all the worst parts about the booth Tavis set up, plus ugly. I would walk right past it and probably get a bad impression about the merchant.

    Amy: My main criticism would be her lack of signage. A menu tucked in a back corner doesn't cut it. I guarantee every single person to come up to the booth would ask how much every item was, and she'd spend the entire con pointing out the menu instead of making a connection to people. The layout is rather plain and some little things kind of bother me. The table is fairly sparse, as well, and I think putting the upright items right next to her chair would kind of squeeze her in. Very little use of the wall behind her is unfortunate.

    Erika: A bit more approachable than Amy's, I think. Items are kind of tilted inwards, rather than straight, so you're clearly drawn to the middle. I like the major focus on the big prints and having the t-shirts more up front. The signage is better and more personable than Amy's, but I think there would be some confusion over pricing because of the menu. She gave herself more room for sketching, too. Unlike Amy's, I could see myself actually buying something from her booth. They're very similar, but Erika's has a lot more polish.

    Monica: Deserving of the win. All the merch is on there without anything really being hidden. Signage is great, it's a very friendly booth, and attention is drawn straight to the middle. The taller items are off to the sides so they don't get in the way of talking to the artist or completing a transaction. I think putting the prints down on the table would have been better, but the way she's arranged them behind her isn't bad. It's a booth I would notice, approach, and probably part with some money at.

    Abby: Very friendly and inviting booth, and kudos on the book stands. My main two criticisms would be the open space up front and center, and the poor signage. If she had put prices on everything, and perhaps put a big print or two in the center front, it would be very good indeed for much of the same reasons Monica won it.

    I think this really came down to Katie and Monica, with Monica winning because she left space for herself. Abby and Erika could have made it too with a little work. Amy I think just needs some experience, and Lexxy needs to learn how to sell better. I think Tavis, Lexxy, Maki, and Amy all could have been losers here. If it were me, I'd have sent Tavis and Maki, not Maki and Amy.

    As for Maki and Amy. Dang. These eliminations are going to get harder and harder to watch. I rather liked Amy from the start, because she WAS playing the game. It'll be unfortunate to see her go, which I think is going to happen. Maki has the Redraw Ticket, which will surely be an advantage. I think he's also a lot more relaxed and calm under pressure, and thus will be funnier and manage his time better. Amy may freak out a little bit and second guess herself to her downfall. I will be rooting for both of them on Tuesday, though, and I am not ready to see either one of them go.

    emarecksaykay on
    -mrxak, OMEGANAUT '09
    (You just say the letters)
    A Concerned Citizenxdeathknightxendiku
  • SejarkiSejarki Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    So for this elimination I think Amy will win.

    I have no real favorites either way, but I suspect Maki will come out the victor. Not only does he have the redraw ticket, but he also seems more capable of working under pressure. Amy's tired; the tears we saw Tuesday would be occurring during this same, what, 12 hour period? I'm not sure she's prepared to perform at her peak.

    Sejarki on
  • MekkaBMekkaB Registered User regular
    Body Massage Machine, GO! Great jerb, Monica!

  • WeaselsoupWeaselsoup Registered User regular
    It took me this long, btw, to figure out that Abby's hair really is 2 completely different lengths. for the longest time I've been thinking 'why does she always have it behind one shoulder & not the other?'.

    emarecksaykaySandra SnanDeimir
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