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Crayons and Critiques and Minatuars...OH MY

earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular
edited April 2013 in Artist's Corner
Hello AC!

I have a few things I have finished/am still working on to show.

As far as fishing for critiques goes, I am def looking for some thoughts on this. It's a three panel CD cover for a local New England rap group. There's 8 of em, and they wanted a zombie apocalypse, so I obliged. Kinda played out, I told them, but I also watch the Walking Dead so there was no point in being a hypocrite.

Initial sketch to where I am now. Right most panel is front cover, middle is back, and left is inside panel. I feel like it's mostly ready for me to go over the whole thing and re-ink, but any glaring faults would be nice to iron out before I start doing that next week.


Here's some other logo/flier/design type stuff that don't remember if I showed anyone...


The last one was funny cause I did it for a local college radio station in exchange for some merch. I spent all this time cleaning up and editing old Public Enemy CD art I scanned in, and then they said they liked it, but could I cut out the graphic so that just the text in the crosshairs was left? Wha whhha whaaaat about the context??

Rough logo design for local pet company...


More ART!


Here's an animated GIF that I mistakenly made too big, so that it doesn't animate when displayed in threads. OOPS. I thought it would be funny to replace new forum members placeholder with this as a joke!


This was that 3D shape abstraction challenge 'Ruka did awhile ago. I wouldn't say I finished it, but I might as well post it now because I'm prob not gonna have time to go any further with it.


We had a party at my house like a month ago, and we spent most of the time drawing with sharpies. I drew a Link, then I digi-colored it! I have a high res B&W if anybodies feelin' frisky.


Self Portrait I did awhile ago, then I liked how my dog looked so much that I separated it by itself.

And lastly, hopefully not coming off too site-whorey, is that my design for the TMNT themed Threadless contest is up for vote and you could do that if you please here. Only 3 days left! I don't have any real online presence to spread the word, so I figured I at least should post it here. Here's my initial mock-up and then the final, with a close up.


Thanks in advance for looking at my stuff. Any general thoughts or more specific critiques would indeed be greatly appreciated!

earthwormadam on


  • Lewis RiceLewis Rice Registered User regular
    Hey duude! Lookin good!
    I like that beruit tournament poster a lot, but it falls flat because some of the perspective lines are wrong! it would make an excellent poster if you fixed up those perspective issues.

    Loving the ninja tornado turtle head! hiyaaaaahhh

  • melting_dollmelting_doll Registered User regular
    Eff yeah crayons!

  • earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular
    Thanks Lewis, I can't put my finger on what your AV is. Is it from Alien, or maybe The Thing?

    Woo-yah MD. Been using more and more crayons lately. I've found that you can get some cool effects by scratching out the wax after you lay down a color, using your fingernails!

  • melting_dollmelting_doll Registered User regular
    Yeah! It's also kind of great when you need a minor erase job. (;

  • Lewis RiceLewis Rice Registered User regular
    It's Harry Dean Stanton in Alien!

  • earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular
    I thought so! That movie had the most memorable space crew.

    I'll bring some crayons up to the comic expo MD!!

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