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copying files to USB stick, progress bar stuck, stick disconnects (Win7)

el_vicioel_vicio Registered User regular
Hey guys,
I'm on Win7 64, I just installed pretty much all the system updates in order to fix this, shit still won't work.

I got a Kingston 16GB USB stick and want to copy a few files on there (the size varies, but nothing >1gb even), and there's a multitude of problems I'm facing right now:

1) I try to copy a file, the progress bar gets stuck at '5sec left', then the stick dis- and reconnects for no apparent reason, the file on the stick is corrupt.
2) I try to copy a few files at once, I get an error saying that 'the file is too big for the device' which it clearly is not.

I can only quick format it (no problems), it disconnects during full-format action
That's the second one that fails me, the other one being mysteriously write-protected (however that is supposed to work).
Hm. I just realized, both sticks started to be wonky after I got them back from my sis, I checked her computer though, no viruses or whatever...I know this sounds weird (and technologically inept), but is it possible that the hardware got damaged via another computer?
How can I tell what exactly the issue is?
Like, I bought this stick because it's supposed to be reliable, I don't want to keep toasting my sticks on her PC if that is even possible

I successfully copied one of the files onto my mp3 player (flash memory, connects via USB cable) just now, so that's a thing


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