My internet disconnects whenever my phone rings

Magic PinkMagic Pink Tur-Boner-FedRegistered User regular
I've had this problem since March after a year+ of no problems whatsoever with all the exact same set up and equipment but lately, whenever my phone rings, about 90% of the time my connection "hiccups" and I lose connection to everything. It's really only a problem when I'm on Skype or in an MMO because then it kicks me off. I've worked with my internet company repeatedly but they can't even see the disconnections on their system because they're so fast and all of their technical help has basically boiled down to "restart the modem".

Any advice?


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    QuantuxQuantux Registered User regular
    Looks like one of the dsl filters on your phone line may not be working. Make sure there is a filter connected between telephone and wall jack. If you have multiple handsets/cordless bases plugged in; unplug all but one and call. If no disconnect, add the next one, and so on. That'll tell you which filter is bad.

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    Magic PinkMagic Pink Tur-Boner-Fed Registered User regular
    I only have one phone. The modem itself has a filter in it. It's never had a problem until suddenly in March. Should I just get a new modem?

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    JimboJimbo down underRegistered User regular
    The adsl modem itself does not require a filter. Any other devices do need filters though.

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    Magic PinkMagic Pink Tur-Boner-Fed Registered User regular
    I don't have any other devices. Line from wall to modem (or router, I only have one thing), line from modem to phone and line from modem to PC. That's it.

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    bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    Probably the modem then, yeah.

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    GnomeTankGnomeTank What the what? Portland, OregonRegistered User regular
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    I'm assuming you're not use a cordless phone and connected via wifi?

    If not, it's a bad modem as others have said.

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