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[PATV] Thursday, November 28, 2013 - Shut Up & Sit Down Season 2, Ep. 29: Space Cadets

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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image[PATV] Thursday, November 28, 2013 - Shut Up & Sit Down Season 2, Ep. 29: Space Cadets

In this episode Paul and Quinns review the board game Space Cadets.

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    HomersanHomersan Registered User regular
    1 hour of SU&SD glory. Brilliant.

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    dhirschdhirsch Registered User regular
    Best. Captain. Ever.

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    cattlehuntercattlehunter Registered User regular
    1 hour? Shit, I'm gonna have to come back later for this... but come back later I will.

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    JaksteriJaksteri Registered User new member
    And now to search for this game.

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    Joos2000Joos2000 Registered User regular
    This game looks absolutely hysterical. Where and how much is it?

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    MinuteWaltMinuteWalt Mister Registered User regular
    MUSIC SOURCE from the opening soundtrack on PA and on YouTube, please!

    I know it's Ben Prunty (FTL, FTW!) because of the SU&SD site, but it's not mentioned here.

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    KaradanKaradan Registered User regular
    May I suggest turning up the sound next time you do something like this? I had to double my system sound to get it so I could hear halfway well, when usually I watch stuff like this at about half volume on the player. Other than that, looked hilarious. Remember kids, keep scanning space!

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    CaptainRedHookCaptainRedHook Registered User regular
    this is kind of like the boardgame version of Artemis

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    PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular
    Several times I was in tears laughing at this

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    ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    I really wish there were more Let's Plays in Su&SD. Operation Overlord and Galaxy Truckers are both hilarious, as is this.

    I actually find these videos more helpful for seeing how a game plays than the reviews do, as well. for comics, art and other junk.
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