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Home media center setup

shywireshywire Registered User new member
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Graduation is fast approaching, which means that I'll have my first serious job, finally have a little money to spend after years of college poverty, and a kickin' new apartment. I'm trying to figure out a good media center setup, but I don't have a lot of experience with this kind of thing. Here's what I would like to accomplish:

A central media server running in my living room, hosting music, video files, and able to play CDs / DVDs.

A touch-screen monitor connected to the server, allowing interface to music via fullscreen iTunes coverflow (or something similar).

Speaker coverage in living room (surround sound, for music and movies), and adjacent dining room (not necessarily surround, mainly for music).

A digital projector in living room for watching movies.

Does anyone have any experience setting something like this up? Can you recommend any particular hardware, identify problem areas I might run into, recommend wireless vs wired speakers, tell me what kind of audio system I would need in the media server and in the form of an external receiver, steer me away from a projector and towards a tv?

Any advice is appreciated :)

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    FristleFristle Registered User regular
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    Wireless speakers are an overrated concept really. You either get speakers that need to each be individually plugged into AC power (kind of defeats the whole "wireless" thing), or you get battery-powered speakers. Then you've got the hassle of all that battery replacing. And being that they're running on batteries, they sacrifice some quality because they will lack the power required to really drive the woofers and tweeters. But I am not speaking from any experience, only what I've read.

    Where wireless speakers make sense is where the audio is being broadcast from somewhere far away, like all the way across the house. Usually in a home theater that isn't the case. Even if it was the case and you were getting the media off of some back-end server, you'd be better off just using traditional wired speakers plugged into a media front-end set up of some kind.

    Before anyone gives recommendations on specific hardware, you'll probably have to decide what your price range is.

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