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Audiophiles: need help with headphones, maybe including mic?

InvictusInvictus Registered User regular
I listen to things on the internet after my SO has gone to bed. Also, in any case, my desktop speakers are crap. I have a little money from Christmas, and I think one good use of that money would be to purchase a headset, or a pair of headphones.

Until my old crappy headset broke, I spent a fair amount of time on VOIP programs. I'd also like to get back to that, made more pressing by a recent move away from some close friends. So I also need a mic. Maybe it should be included? Maybe not? This is part of the question: what kind of mic should I get?

Here are the considerations. I am willing to spend some money, though I guess I'd like to spend closer to $50 than $100. I would like good noise cancellation both ways; I would not only be using these to keep the SO happy and sleepy, but also to listen to shut out the world while I write. I would like good durability; it would be nice if I kept them for awhile. I would like good sound quality, but I am definitely not an audiophile and a substantial portion of the music I listen to is streamed, and therefore (I assume) relatively low quality.

Help? What should I buy?

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  • Sir Red of the MantiSir Red of the Manti Registered User regular
    edited January 2014
    I use these personally. They're built solidly and come with a lifetime warranty that will rebuild them for the cost of shipping. The audio quality is surprisingly great as well, the only real downside is that they are the heaviest headphones I've ever worn. They're not for the weak of neck.

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