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    Erlkönig wrote: »
    I gotcha now. To be honest, I forgot about the whole weapon/ammo pickup aspect of the arena shooters of old (and I never really played Quake…I played the first two but then I had to make a choice as a poor college student on which two FPS games to pick up: Tribes, Unreal Tournament, and Quake 3…Tribes and UT won out).

    But yeah, with Titanfall 2, I never really played Attrition (or any PvP modes)…I tended to stick to Frontier Defense. I do kinda hope that this influx of players means I can expect to see a higher quality of PuG teammate compared to what I’d see in the before-times…

    Or you can do like I do and disappear into a solo PSN party so I never have to hear gamer chatter.

    I find if I make my intentions obviously known (relentlessly healing with Monarch, dropping healing smoke on buddy Titans between rounds, etc), they figure my deal out pretty quickly.

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