My Last Attempt to try to play the Witcher 2

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So I got TW2 on Steam sale years ago, and like apparently a GREAT DEAL of people found the input lag so incredibly shitty that I couldn't play it for more than about five minutes.
There's an insane number of threads and Q&As about this online, and I feel like I've tried almost everything mentioned in them to no avail. I wanted to make a thread here because I'm sick of seeing 'sounds like your settings are too high bro' in the responses when the game recommends High and it's unplayable on Low, and I trust you guys to know what you're talking about a little bit more.

Last night I installed a new GPU and an extra stick of ram (bringing me to 12GB RAM with a Geforce GT 630) and this morning the game is as bad as it's ever been.
I've tried:
Disasbling Vsync
getting d3doverrider and forcing triple buffering, forcing v-sync, not forcing either, etc
Going into user.ini and turning off mouse smoothing, copy-pasting other people's settings to change the smoothing and stuff,
adding this "RenderAheadLimit=2
FPSlimit=60" to user.ini"
downloading d3d9.dll and adding it to the directory (with user.ini fixes)
and literally NOTHING works, and as far as I can tell nothing even makes it a little better.
I just want to play this game! There's like a full half second in between input and response in the game, and that would be unplayable in any circumstances but ESPECIALLY so in a game that's so hard.

Please help i'm giving up hope. :c


  • PirusuPirusu Pierce Registered User regular
    Sounds like your settings are too high!

    But, seriously, your problem is your GPU. The minimum system requirement for The Witcher 2 is an nVidia 8800 GS.

    Using Tom's Hardware's Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart, the GPU you have (A GT 630) is two steps BELOW the minimum requirement.

    More RAM won't solve the problem, and I hope you didn't buy any extra. You aren't being limited by your RAM, you're being limited by your GPU.

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    Yeah, there is just no way you're going to be able to play Witcher 2 acceptably with that graphics card. Don't feel too bad, naming/numbering schemes for GPUs are tedious and byzantine, and it gets worse when Nvidia or ATI/AMD inevitably change their scheme completely every 5 years or so. (Like AMD just did, going from the "four-digit number" system to the "(R7/R9) (three-digit number)" system, and with a lot of the cards in the new system just rebadged versions of cards released in the old system.) This is why it always pays to do some research on the internet first though, sites like Tom's linked above are an invaluable resource.

    I admit I am puzzled when you say the game recommends High settings, that sounds like a bug or maybe the GT 630 isn't even in whatever list the game references when it checks your hardware specs. But that card cannot hack TW2, pure and simple.

    The good news is, there's a decent chance you could swap out that 630 for a card like the new GTX 750 ti for around $150 bucks and be able to play TW2 on mid settings and a lot of other games that were off-limits to you before also. What type of computer do you have? Is it a pre-built system from a company like Dell, HP, etc? Or was it custom built by you or a shop?

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    it was custom built by me and a friend a couple of years ago. the main reason i ended up getting the 630 is because my motherboard won't work with anything past ddr3, so that ended up shutting off a lot of better options. I knew I wasn't getting the raddest GPU, and also didn't expressly buy it for the witcher or even gaming, but i guess i thought even a slight upgrade would be helpful.
    I guess there isn't much I can do at this point. The DDR3 cutoff thing seems to be a definite bottleneck, right? Thanks for the help though!

  • PirusuPirusu Pierce Registered User regular
    As long as your PC supports PCI-Express, the memory used by the GPU shouldn't matter (GDDR3/GDDR5). The only thing your motherboard limits in reference to "DDR3" is the physical RAM, and there is nothing past DDR3, so you are fine using any graphics card as long as it has a PCIe x16 slot and you have enough wattage in a power supply to power it.

    If you would like, if you give me the model of your motherboard, I can verify this, but you could go out and buy a Titan Black and as long as you have a slot for it and the power to run it, there should be no problems.

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    Well that's shitty. I really wish I had known that.
    This is my board:
    I was told by a lot of the random stuff that I read online that I wouldn't be able to use DDR5, but if that isn't true then I guess I should be looking into NewEgg's return policy?

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  • SnorkSnork Registered User regular
    One other thing, if it looks like I'm going to be returning this 630. Cards like that 750 Ti just say PCIe 3.0, with no reference to the amount of slot lanes. Does it have to specifically say 3.0 x16 or is PCIe 3.0 just always 16 lanes?
    Because if it has to expressly say x16 that is a big limiting factor.
    Again, thanks so much.

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    Snork wrote: »
    One other thing, if it looks like I'm going to be returning this 630. Cards like that 750 Ti just say PCIe 3.0, with no reference to the amount of slot lanes. Does it have to specifically say 3.0 x16 or is PCIe 3.0 just always 16 lanes?
    Because if it has to expressly say x16 that is a big limiting factor.
    Again, thanks so much.

    your just fine to put any gpu in that motherboard, and a 750ti is a great choice in that ~$150 range.

    And yes return that 630 if you can.

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  • SnorkSnork Registered User regular
    Radical. Thanks everyone

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    Looking around some forums on Tom's Hardware, it looks like a PCIe 3.0 card will work in a 2.0 slot without any performance loss.

    I would recommend upgrading the graphics card and returning the 630. What's your price range for a graphics card?

    The confusion probably happened with DDR3 vs GDDR5. Your RAM is tied to DDR, and that will impact compatibility. Your motherboard runs DDR3 so you should be fine for basically any RAM out now. GDDR is the type of memory a graphics card uses, which has no compatibility issues for you to really worry about. When looking at a graphics card, just look at the PCIe style, and even then they are usually backwards and forwards compatible.

    Don't worry too much about this stuff happening, PC gaming is rewarding but it has its own learning curve. Heck, I remember the day I got my first custom gaming computer. Wouldn't even power on, power supply was DOA.

    Edit: bah, reading comprehension. Most of what I said was explained nicely above. But all in all, you should be okay with a new graphics card.

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  • PirusuPirusu Pierce Registered User regular
    Just to echo what Foomy and SRK have said:

    You can put any PCIe GPU in your motherboard. It lists a PCIexpress 2.0 x16 slot (the big blue one).

    The different "versions" of PCIe are all backwards compatible, so you can use a 3.0 card in a 2.0 slot with no problems.

    If you only want to spend $150 then you can absolutely get the 750Ti and it will work just fine. If you have more budget (and, again, if your power supply can handle it) and want to get more, then you can also get a more powerful card, since you aren't actually limited by "GDDR3"

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    Come ask the Computer Build Thread next time you have a question about what part you should buy!
    So we can get you to spend 3X what you originally wanted to!

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