In this thread, we get our [Groove] on.

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Hey, so I looked around and stuff. And fuck me, I couldn't find a music thread.

I goddamn love music.

I love all good music. And if you're a human who breathes, you do too.

So let's get our jam on, and do that. I'll start.

Right now, I'm really rockin' on these guys:


Here's what I'd like to avoid: Any kind of stupid "oh that sucks". If you don't like it, that's cool. You don't gotta tell me.
Instead, why don't you say: "That's cool, this is what I enjoy."

That way we can get around all the bullshit and just enjoy music. We could also talk about music. Like, something interesting you heard on the radio (since this is where Pop Music comes from). Or maybe a band did something cool (this happens occasionally). Or maybe you went and saw a rad show (I do this sometimes).

If you want to come in here and bag on someone, or a band, or a style of music... You can do that, but please don't. It just makes you a goose and a mean goose is scary as fuck. Ever seen one of those fuckers? All honkin' and waving their wings around for attention. Shit be scary.

Anyway, music.

What are you listening to?

Oh, I'm also not sure on having a thread with just a ton of embedded YouTube links, so if someone has some good guidelines, um... Post them. Otherwise, I'm sayin' like... 1 per post? Just, like, pick a song you really like and represents something, and link that. Don't link every song from the album you just bought. Let's be reasonable adults on the internet.



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