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Help remembering band [solved]

Baron DirigibleBaron Dirigible Registered User regular
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Hey all, hoping the H/A hive-mind can help out again here.

I've tried googling but I honestly remember so little about this band, and Google doesn't seem to "do" vague association. So: I'm trying to remember the name of a band, fairly certain they were Australian and active around 2000-2002, possibly later. Their name had something to do with commercial flight, and their music was very obviously retro-inspired, with a guitar sound that was probably supposed to evoke the 70s/80s. (From memory!)

The band was definitely not Jet.

I realise this isn't a lot to go on, but I've seen this place in action and I'm convinced some of you are wizards, so any help would be fantastic.

[edit: can't seem to delete the thread, but I managed to work out who I was thinking of -- Rocket Science. Found it via Modular, as I remember listening to them around the same time as the Avalanches, also on that label. Thread can be closed!

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  • InterestingMixInterestingMix A little bit of everything really Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    LOL, From your first paragraph, I knew it was Rocket Science

    Fun fact(s) @Baron Dirigible , The drummer from Rocket Science is now the drummer/composer for Whose Line is it Anyway Australia, and it Myf Warhurst (from Spicks and Specks)'s brother.


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