What are some good low end MMORPGs?

Boo8erBoo8er Registered User regular
I would like to know, what are some good low end MMORPG games that I could play on my computer? Does anyone know of any that are still good and have a big community?


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    ArthilArthil Registered User regular
    Well, how low end are we talking here? Could use your computers specs.

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    AldoAldo Hippo Hooray Registered User regular
    What kind of MMO? In the free to play segment the choices are endless.

    Also: WoW can be played on nearly anything.

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    CorehealerCorehealer The Apothecary The softer edge of the universe.Registered User regular
    WoW will run on a toaster, and has had years of optimization.

    Few MMOs can say the same.

    SWTOR and Rift might also be your bag, in terms of technical preferences.

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