Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Lingering Odor

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imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Lingering Odor


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    lykaslykas Registered User regular
    first one to comment AND find the kitty? WOO!

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    myq12myq12 Registered User new member
    Wait...I kinda don't understand. Is the joke that he didn't know the girls were talking about him being smelly until the last panel?

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    Nobody313Nobody313 Registered User regular
    The joke is he thought they thought he literally had a stink bomb up his arse. He said "HEY!!" because he realized they meant that his butt is smelly.

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    ReplicanttenReplicantten Registered User regular
    The scent of lingering realization is tingling, illumination strikes like a hammer.

    Tricky kitty this time, took almost a minute to find.

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    PetesalzlPetesalzl vorpal blade in hand Registered User regular
    panel 4, haha

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    metfanscmetfansc Registered User regular
    Kitty likes boobies as well.

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    sidesquaresidesquare Registered User new member
    haha, nice. HEEEEEEEEEEY.

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    Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    Oh man... Don't you hate it when that happens? Although that's not as bad as when someone says something mean, you give a REALLY lame comeback and then 2/3 days later think up something EPIC that you should have said.

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    hajenhajen Registered User regular
    porno for pussy

    it's a good thing that he has the exclusive erotica franchise for the camp, he would never make it as a rocket scientist.

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    TzivyaTzivya Registered User regular
    @talyn rahl: Ahh, l'esprit de l'escalier, bane of clever comeback givers everywhere

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    NuurgleNuurgle Redmond, WARegistered User regular
    And thus was born...Slowbert

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    OddfishOddfish On opposite weeks In odd numbered monthsRegistered User regular
    Beatboxing at dusk. That... was where the funny hit warp speed, for me.

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    Nobody313Nobody313 Registered User regular
    I wonder if the camp is actually purgatory for children, like what a few people though about Ed, Edd, and Eddy... Maybe all the kids are actually dead... maybe Seventeen actually died in that distillery explosion, and the whistle kid's apparently abusive father beat him to death,.. it would explain why there are no kids over 18, even though this camp has apparently been around for a long time... i guess we won't know for sure until we get more back stories, for now this is 2deep4me

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    SargeSarge Registered User regular
    To be fair... who is doing their laundry? Are they just washing it in the lake? I don't see any washing machines anywhere. You'd stink too if you had no way to wash your clothes.

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    Spyke66Spyke66 Registered User regular
    edited May 2016
    @NOBODY313 I actually think it's like an "orphanage", or a place where parents leave their unwanted kids. I suspected it in the first comic by how Malachi sent the letter, that will never arrive to destination. He's been there for four months, more than any camp experience, and he is just a newcommer. Then, Seventeen's story sorta confirmed my theory.

    Spyke66 on
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    Laika ClementineLaika Clementine Registered User regular
    A little slow on the uptake, are we Lewis?

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