[PAX East] The Battle for HothPAX is Over



  • AphostileAphostile Registered User regular
    Best Dan face.

    The bestest.

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  • AbracadanielAbracadaniel Registered User regular

  • RayzeRayze Registered User regular
    Ugh, I hate looking at pictures of myself because I nitpick everything

    Good meet-up though

  • rhylithrhylith Registered User regular
    UGH what am I laughing at I am terrible I hate pictures ugh

    Rhylith - <Shambler Milk> Horde Chogall
  • DHS OdiumDHS Odium Registered User regular
    Rmeds face, just, what thoughts was he thinking? i must know

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  • DisruptedCapitalistDisruptedCapitalist rugged, weathered Registered User regular
    Yeah, I'm doing a weird thing with my face too. Oh well. Really cool meeting you all!

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