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  • StragintStragint Do Not Gift Always DeclinesRegistered User regular
    oldmanken wrote: »
    There's going to be another account wipe before they do a full release so don't really worry about what to buy. Just accumulate shit you want to play and experiment with for now, since it'll go away at some uncertain point in the future.

    By account wipe, do you mean they are going to wipe out any cards that I may have bought, or just my account progress? I assume the latter, since the former would be a little crazy.

    It wouldn't be that crazy. I'm sure there are still a lot of people who want in the beta and wont get in and it would be a nightmare for people getting into MTG Arena fresh or completely new and playing against other players who had months and months to build a big collection and have top tier decks available.

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  • QuantumTurkQuantumTurk Registered User regular
    I also wouldn't be super shocked if they did the wipe right AFTER rotation, so that all the people who got wiped felt like they got a refund on cards no longer in standard vs losing a bunch of stuff to regain.

    It's also nice for people like me returning to magic knowing we can just make our wild cards whatever and any big blunders there will get washed away later.

  • KetBraKetBra FISTS OF JUSTICE! Registered User regular
    My friend brought over some MTG Commander decks today, which I played for the first time. Super fun game for a group!

    Then we ate way too many oreos and now I have a stomach ache! That part is less fun!

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    VyolynceE.CoyoteJPantsLord Palington
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