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Concept Art Portfolio Assignment

For any [Concept] assignments, carefully following the instructions provided is an important part of the challenge. Some instructions will be more rigid than others, but they are generally designed to give you the idea of working with a team. Some choices are out of your control, some guidelines are already set, and you need to willingly work with these restrictions to pull out something interesting.

Asset Production

One of the big leaps that an artist has to make from being an individual artist or student to being an artist as part of a large project, is getting acclimated to working within a defined set of rules in regards to design and style, rather than simply following whatever fancies or habits they may have. (And as one rises in the ranks, it becomes important to learn how to define and communicate these rules for the sake of more junior artists or outsource studios.)

This assignment is about demonstrating the ability to work within a set context, as one would have to in a studio. The set up in a similar manner to many studio art tests: I will provide a demonstration prop that fits in the world and a set of rules that define the style and requirements of the concept artwork.

Following that will be some short briefs on some items that one might be tasked to produce on such a project, possibly with some loosely defined references to give some starting inspiration. The assignment is to choose one such object and create a completed color concept that follows the set guidelines.

Remember, the goal of concept art is not simply to provide a fancy picture; it's to make a plan that the modellers, texture artists, and animators will be able to follow. A concept may require additional information such as more detailed material samples or design motifs, callouts indicating where vfx work is needed (smoke, fire, etc.), sketches of different viewpoints of the object, sketches determining animation or game design requirements (ie: the differences between an "On" and "Off" state, for example). When useful, try to include this additional information in your final concept, or in an additional sheet.

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