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The Lookouts Comic - Arcade Cabinet Artwork Help?

Falk3rFalk3r Registered User new member
I've built an arcade cabinet from scratch and I'm preparing to have artwork printed to theme it as The Lookouts. Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty getting adequately high resolutions of source material. The most egregious issue is with the marquee which I hope to have printed along these lines:


The best file I'm able to find is only ~1200 pixels wide. Blowing this up to ~26" wide is... problematic and blurry. Anyone know where I can find some great source files for this stuff?

More photos of the arcade cabinet in question:




  • see317see317 Registered User regular
    I'd think your best bet would be to contact Gabe directly and seeing if he has any higher resolution pieces that he'd be willing to share. Gabe and Tycho don't read the forums, so you could try sending an email or a tweet. Keep in mind though, they likely get buried in email and tweets, so be patient about getting a response.

    Lindsay LohanAsh-Housewares
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