[Faldon est.1997] Free Oldskool RPG for fans of Runescape & Diablo

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Hi guys, hope I am in the right place here and that this will appeal to a few of you.
Faldon player of 10 years checking in here. We’re currently looking for a new bunch of players to join us. Faldon is an isometric RPG that it seems time has forgotten. We currently have about 50 active players, mostly from Holland, Brazil, USA and the U.K so at times it can be really quiet, the community is trying very hard to change that though. I’m branching out here as the community is really hungry for new players and the game is still great, despite its flaws.

Faldon has well over 440 items to find, use and trade, 150 monsters, 60 spells and 30+ skills to raise (with plenty of crafting and non-violent skills too). There’s also no level cap or class-restrictions. I’ve heard a few people compare Faldon to Ultima Online, Tibia & even Runescape so if you ever enjoyed those games then perhaps Faldon is for you. It’s free to play and 90% of items in the game can be dropped from monsters, so it’s not p2w as such.

Faldon takes a little time to get your bearings and figure out what to do since there has never been many ‘beacons’ or hints as to where you should go. The game can be unforgiving, yet incredibly rewarding when you progress. There is a party function so levelling in small groups against very strong mobs is totally a possibility. Hope to see some of you in game.

Amongst many other things Faldon has the following to offer:

Over 440 items to obtain, use and trade.
• Over 60 spells available for mages and battle-mages.
• Over 150 different types of monsters spread out across the vast maps of Faldon.
• A unique title system where other players recognise you for your highest raised skill. Criminal and Murderer titles let you know who to avoid in town.
• Player based market as well as plenty of NPCs to sell your items to.
• Over 25 guild halls available to rent, spread over Faldon’s many maps.
• No level caps.
• A diverse player base. We pride ourselves in having players from all around the world. We have many Dutch, Brazilian, American, Scandinavian and British players. Everyone is welcome.

Hope to see some of you on soon. If you have any questions I'll be here to answer them. Cheers :)




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