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Arcane Castle - A fast-paced challenging game for [ios] and [android]

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Arcane Castle is available now on iOS, and is in beta on Android. Arcane Castle is a different kind of runner game, where you do more than just jump over obstacles. Run through overwhelming hordes of enemies and obstacles, learn new spells, and compete for the highest score in story and endless modes. To defeat the enemies in your way you must cast the correct spell by tapping the correct button in the spinning spell circle, or by swiping from one button to another.




Difficulty is adjusted dynamically to keep the game hard enough that you can just barely win if you keep your focus. There’s no difficulty cap, so highly competitive players will always find a challenge as their score increases exponentially with the difficulty.

Check out the gameplay preview and more screenshots here:

Here are some codes for Arcane Castle on the App Store:


If you would like to play on Android before the game is released, there are no codes for the Google Play store, but anyone can join the Arcane Castle google group to become a tester. It takes a few extra steps to become a tester, but if you want Arcane Castle on Android now, you can join!forum/arcane-castle, then click, then you can buy Arcane Castle on the google play store.


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    I made this game. I hope you like it! I'd love to get some feedback.

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