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*NEW* Internet Investigation Game

The Blurred WebThe Blurred Web Registered User new member
edited July 2015 in Critical Failures
Posted with permission from Tube:

I am looking for a few volunteers to try out a new game. It is different to many other games in that it is played in real time (over two weeks) and plays within the real worldwide web.
You will play as an Agent working for the Serious and Exceptional Crime Organisation, and will need internet and codebreaking skills to solve the case.
The first game, being launched on 1st June 2015, is FREE to PLAY, and will involve receiving messages from the Controller (via MailChimp), then finding coded messages on social media, breaking the code and then finding the relevant websites which will contain information to help you solve the case. The purpose is to establish who is involved, how and what they are going to do, and where they are going to do it. Further information will be passed to you periodically during the two weeks of play.
I’m afraid there is no interface (so no screenshots), as you will be playing in the real world using Twitter, Facebook, Google searches, Google maps, GPS locations, and real websites. Everything has been created on the web to play this game.
All you need to play is an intellect with internet access.
I would like to invite you to visit our website and register to play the first game. We will be using MailChimp to maintain contact with players. Your details will not be passed to any third parties and will only be used to receive game updates and messages.
If you would like any further information please contact me, otherwise I hope you enjoy the game.
[email protected]

Tube on


  • The Blurred WebThe Blurred Web Registered User new member
    Answers to some questions I've been asked elsewhere.

    You would only need a Twitter account to play (and they can be set up quickly and with little or no personal information), and I would recommend a notebook and pencil.

    The game is not intended to be too time consuming, the intention is to let people have fun and experience something different. As I imagine it you might be having a slow day at work / at home etc, you then receive a new message from the game, and your day takes on a different direction. You now have some information to deal with and fit into the overall picture of your investigation.

    Also, you can register, try it and put the game to one side whilst you are busy. The game will be fully playable without the 'live' aspect, this has been added to give that extra dimension.

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    This isn't spam chaps, permission was sought and given.

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