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Can't use two monitors while gaming

TPSouTPSou Registered User regular
This has been as issue I've had for over a year now, but I always assumed it was due to a rubbish processor or motherboard. Recently I replaced both and it's still happening so I've come in search of help!

Basically I have an i7 4790k, 16GB RAM, 750W Corsair modular PSU and an AMD r9 290 4GB - I can run two monitors fine if I'm just doing Windows stuff, can use both DVI ports, or HDMI, or whatever. That doesn't seem to be a problem. I generally have the extended desktop on just to give me some more space. Now when I used to have a 7970 I could play games like DayZ or World of Warcraft and have a map or some information on the other screen without any issues. Now with the r9 290 if I do this after around 10 minutes both screens go blank, the game is still running in the background, but the screens just say there's no input. After a little while you can hear the game's audio glitch out and the PC crashes, or this also happens if I unplug one of the monitors. I have tried updating the drivers (this has been happening for a long while) and the only component that I have that I've always had this issue with is the GPU.

Sadly I've had it too long to RMA it and it was a gift from AMD anyway so there's not much I Can do about taking it back, I also don't have the money for a new GPU anytime soon. Anyone any ideas what could be causing these crashes or how I could solve them? At the moment my workaround is to unplug one monitor whenever I run any 3D games, which isn't ideal.


  • XeddicusXeddicus Registered User regular
    edited July 2015
    @TPSou That sounds like a possible driver glitch. Have the most current? I was getting the same thing by the sound of it on a single monitor setup on an R7 265, seemed related to certain games in windowed mode. It was rather rare, but seems to have gone away with the latest driver update from AMD. Or it's in the lull phase and/or it's not the same issue. But still, sounds like drivers. If you have updated; maybe hardware and you're screwed it seems (until they update again/you get a new card).

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  • HandgimpHandgimp R+L=J Family PhotoRegistered User regular
    Are you running fullscreen or fullscreen-windowed? It definitely sounds like a driver issue, though. It might be something messy in the registry; if it's not too much hassle you might try a clean windows install (I'm sure there's a less-nuclear way to handle it, though).

  • TPSouTPSou Registered User regular
    I've messed around with a lot lately because I'm pretty sure my r9 290 is massively underperforming but after a bios update from amd I haven't had the dual monitor crash for a little while. Still not sure because it was always a bit random. Weirdly I have done two full clean windows installs lately (for a new motherboard and then for Windows 10) and that didn't seem to make a difference

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