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Starlords: 4X Space Game

TubeTube Registered User admin
Game overview :
  • 4X space game
  • Browser based, runs only in firefox (UPDATE now 98% Chrome compatible)
  • Closed Beta status
  • Basic 2d graphics
  • Strong focus on grand strategy & diplomacy
  • No action, not a RTS & no tactical control
  • Role play possible


The manoeuvre element is the fleet. Fleets move between stars by an instantaneous jump, but then must wait while the jump engine re-charges. This slows down the pace of the game, giving you time to plan. It creates the feel of a turn based game, even though it is a persistent universe.


Fleet movement may be automated.
  • Patrol routes may be created to look for enemies.
  • Gathering routes take minerals to stars with a refinery. This works kind of like railway tycoon.
  • Other routes may be configured to move new ships to the front, return the battle weary for R & R, etc.

There is an emphasis on diplomacy.
Much effort has gone into creating organic "situations" that evolve into diplomatic crisis. These come about from conflict between several realms of influence. These being political relationships, trade, military actions, resource access and a feudal hierarchy.


Trade is encouraged by a mechanism whereby the number of types of minerals governs the efficiency of your refineries and thus your limits to production of assets. Since only a few mineral types are found locally you must trade with other areas to gain more mineral types.

The game is not played in "binges" (hours in a session) but in short play sessions. Think of a normal 4X that has its play session sliced into bits. This is by design, so that those with real lives may fit it into a busy schedule (or a fanatic gamer can play a session between all those other games) allowing them to play a deep, involving game even though "they have no time". Several people have interpreted this to mean it is a tick based game, it is not. Once your realm has grown, there is always things that need to be done, it is just not all time sensitive.

Fog of war is constant. If you have no ship or spy at a star you do not know what is there, you only know what was there last time you visited. This permits a "cat & mouse" situation, where cunning can win out.

Building assets takes a long time. This creates pressure to plan, as you cannot react immediately to a new threat by "popping out" fleets of new ships at a moments notice. You can build & assign additional builders to speed up a project, but there is cost there as well.


A large selection of technologies are available that affect all aspects of the game. There is no "tech tree" you just research the areas you want an advantage in. you may choose to be mediocre in all or focus on a few that complement your overall strategic direction.


There is a robust economic model that provides many ways to gain income and many ways to lose it. Taxation, tribute, piracy, export contracts, asset support, salaries are some of the factors.


In the beginning you manage all aspects, but as your empire grows you can do less micro-management and automate repetitive tasks.


There is a whole game within the game in regards to spies. Covert agents may conduct espionage, sabotage, incite labour or student unrest and incite rebellions. They can embezzle, slander and assassinate as well.

The game progresses though stages; exploration, buildup, contact and then the core game play begins with diplomacy, trade & conflict.

There is a play through of a typical 1st session on the website. Note this video has the old graphics and the colonising bit is out of date. The game begins slowly as you are mostly exploring and colonising, so the video may be a bit boring. Any suggestions on how to present a "cerebral" game and not make the presentation boring? This slow start is intentional as the game is complex and is designed so that a new player is not overwhelmed and has time to get his bearings.

We need a few more play testers, pm me if interested.
All feedback is welcome.


  • SleeperHoldSleeperHold Registered User regular
    Some interesting concepts it seems! Good luck!

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    Thanks, I'll need the luck... difficult to find those .0000124% of gamers who want a complex game...

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    Running under chrome 100% now :D

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    The tutorial has been axed in favour of in-game hint panels.

  • XadesXades PartTruth Registered User regular
    I love the layers of this game however a little transition screen for FTL and combat would get me more into it.

    Xades.2976 - Guild Wars 2
  • mustafaneguibmustafaneguib Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO of MN Tech Solutions(Private) Limited Lahore, PakistanRegistered User regular
    i tried out starlords and is quite interesting. i like playing strategy games quite alot and have played quite a bit in the past. i believe that despite having the tutorial, this game is a bit overwhelming for the new player. i will surely give it another go some time later. all the best with the game.

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  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve. Your first game should be considered an extended tutorial.

    We are just finishing up the current game and a new one will start soon.

    Getting you feet wet in the current game would get you over some of that curve, so you would not make the novice mistakes it the new game.

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    We just started a new episode.
    Join in if you would like.

    Feel free to ask questions here.

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    The episode "Cave Mercatura Furta" has begun.

    New game features:

    UTS Delivery Service : Send resources to remote stars and territories.
    Sector Markets : Resource trade via UTS.
    New ship components :
    - Engineer Unit : Required to capture transponders.
    - Supply Dock : Reduces support by 50% for system ships.
    Checklist : Programmable reminders.
    Jumpgate Agreement : Required for foreign jumpgate use.
    Join Route Option : For new ship builds.
    Dragable Map : The map is now dragable!

    The new sector market :

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    The episode "Mercatus Volgus Ubivis" has begun.

    New game features:

    Dogfights : Takes place during short range combat by fightercraft
    Thrusters, Generators and Ion Cannons : Only usable on Fighters & Interceptors
    Civil Markets : Similar to black markets but deal in legal goods
    Luxuries : Demand now based solely on each star, rather than realm
    Civil Defence Fleets : Replace tribute ship building. CDF's build automatically based on habitat level
    Monuments : May now be dedicated to science, fertility, productivity or shipping. This results in bonus output

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular

    The episode "Partes Facere Totam" will begin on September 11th 2020.
    If you have never played and wish to join in, please begin the training game now so you can join the above game with some knowledge of the mechanics.

    New game features:

    New Structures :

    Crafter - Crafts components
    Power Station - Higher level structures now require power
    Slave Market - Provides workers, but increases rebel activity
    Training Base - Increases experience of ships at the star

    Components : A new asset type :

    May be used to reduce costs of building structures, modules and ships.
    Should provide a comparative advantage to lords that invest in their research.

    Misc :

    Tradebases have been removed in favour of the more universal "Sector Markets".
    Lords may now enrol officials for extra training at foreign academies.
    Shipyards, assemblers and academies may now be dedicated to a single output, reducing time and costs.

  • Amy5821Amy5821 USARegistered User new member
    nice game! congrats

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    The episode "Novus Contractus Artis" has begun.

    New game features:
    • Civil goods markets replaced by "Goods Contracts".
    • Support costs for ships reduced.
    • Convoy type fleet removed, replaced with Supply Base type.
    • New comm channel consolidates intel from foreign realms.
    • Imperial fleets no longer garrison guild stars.

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    The episode "Quis est lupus inter oves" has begun.

    New game features:
    • Dossier of known intel for each opponent.
    • Imperial stars may now delay/search fleets.
    • Goods contracts for independent stars.
    • Dilemmas at more stars.
    • New agent operations :
      • Cause service worker strikes
      • Cause increase in piracy.

  • RodrigoRodrigo Registered User new member
    This game interested me. Who else is playing?

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    Only the training game is running at the moment.

    A full game will begin in September.

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    The episode "Invenire Vermis Foraminis" will begin soon.

    If you wish to participate, join the training game now to learn the basics.

    New game features:

    - Ships may now be retrofitted to another design.
    - You may now change your victory path at any time.
    - New diplomatic options: subsidy transfer, supply and repair agreements.
    - Agent operations now have more depth.

  • mahksmahks ThailandRegistered User regular
    No new games at the moment

    If you have not played yet I suggest joining the current game to get familiar with how it all works (your first game is the tutorial)

  • SCREECH OF THE FARGSCREECH OF THE FARG #1 PARROTHEAD margaritavilleRegistered User regular
    ill give it a shot seems neat!

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