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Pin Partnerships for 2016

HoHumtheBumHoHumtheBum CARegistered User regular
Greetings fellow Pinny Pals. I'm starting a thread to form up Pin Partnerships for the 2016 PAX's since the community thread doesn't seem to be active on that account.

Squire_pug and I just finished up an impromptu partnership for 2015 Prime and Aus and we are now looking for partners to cover East and South for 2016. Our partnership is generally enthusiast+, essentially all purchasable pins with time-sink pins on the side if willing/possible. So if you are planning on going to South/East this year and want some partners for PrimeWest/Aus to enable your horrible addiction drop us a request below.

In addition, if you already have a partial partnership or want to form a new one, post below as well. Lets get some new partnerships going for the new year!


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