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The Webcomics Ship has Sailed

KanaKana Registered User regular

Welcome to the webcomics thread, this is your shipping forecast for the month of January, 2016.

Couple: Roboguy and Shadowguy
Hella Gay?: gender, if any, currently unknown
Smooching Potential?: First Kat needs to build roboguy some lips, probably?
Dangers: There's some sort of bullshit robo-pain-cult thing forming up, that'll probably be bad.

Couple: huge torso Chinese girl and Blond Chinese girl
Hella Gay?: So gay
Smooching Potential?: Sun Jing sure hopes so
Dangers: Sun Jing being a creeper

Couple: Pancetta and Punisher Pumice
Hella Gay?: Oh you know it
Smooching Potential?: Duuuh
Dangers: Fuck that Melanite guy, he's not even cute!

Couple: Lottie / MYSTERY
Hella Gay?: Not unless the mystery itself happens to be gay, in which case Lottie respects that
Smooching Potential?: No time for smooching, mysteries to solve
Dangers: Boredom

Couple: Tall Korean and Short Korean
Hella Gay?: Way Hella gay and way bisexual
Smooching Potential?: *sob*
Dangers: Becoming hetero life mates and dying from old age

Couple: Cowboy Guy and Centaur Cowboy Guy
Hella Gay?: Yes but overshadowed by the centaur thing
Smooching Potential?: Yeup
Dangers: Well, one of them is a centaur, soooo...

Couple: Gay Chinese Guy and Also Gay Chinese Guy
Hella Gay?: Way gay
Smooching Potential?:They smooched!
Dangers: Gay Angst, and/or Terminal Long Torso Disease

Not Pictured: Aaron Diaz and his own drawings

Remember to always follow the following safety advisories!

1 - Only post comics you actually like.
1(A) - Unless that comic is Demon and you like to hate it I guess.
2 - Don't post NSFW comics. Warn if you're linking to a site with NSFW comics on it. Don't censor out NSFW comics and post your version.
3 - Don't get mad over webcomics, because all webcomics are bad, and so are people who get mad about webcomics.

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  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    quality OP

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  • BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Registered User regular
    more like crwthfartics

  • CorporateLogoCorporateLogo The toilet knows how I feelRegistered User regular
    edited January 2016
    Good Webcomics
    • Jerkcity
      Jerkcity is a daily comic strip featuring the adventures of deuce, pants, rands and spigot.
    • Moon Over June (NSFW)
      Hatsuki is a porn star and Summer is a gynecologist. They're roommates. This is their story.

    Bad Webcomics
    • Alice and the Nightmare
      Alice Heart's perfect world is turned on its head when she unwittingly stumbles upon the true heir to the Wonderland throne on her first magical internship journey to Earth.
    • Atomic Robo
      The life story of the robot Tesla built in 1923. Spoiler: there's a lot of explosions.
    • Balderdash
      Two hopeful witch girls move to a small town in the midst of political change to live, work, and make themselves a new home.
    • Blaster Nation
      The adorable, sexy, or just plain creepy stories of several obsessive nerds sharing the same city.
    • Blindsprings
      Blindsprings is about a young witch named Tammy who finds herself in the middle of a rebellion against the Academic Mages.
    • Broodhollow
      When encyclopedia salesman Wadsworth Zane receives a letter about an inheritance in the quaint town of Broodhollow, he thinks his luck might finally be turning around. But are a series of supernatural encounters a figment of his maddening obsessive disorder, or something more?
    • Clique Refresh
      A love letter to the Internet. Clique Refresh tells the story of Ellie Cleary and her dream to achieve greatness and the aspirations of those closest to her.
    • Devil's Candy
      This is the tale of Scarlet Crown's Pride and of Hemlock Heart where prejudice is decried. Although these events seem like a dreadful ride, the devils of the world always take them in stride. Yet there is one girl who may turn the tide...
    • Dumbing of Age
      Dumbing of Age is about college freshmen in a co-ed dorm at Indiana University, starring a Christian homeschooled girl and her atheist best friend.
    • Go Get a Roomie (NSFW)
      This webcomic follows the wild adventures of an upbeat hippie, living her life in love and joy. (And beer and sex.)
    • Harpy Gee
      An elf, a witch, a knight, a prince, and an item shop! Adventures, potatoes, and a magical cat that barfs weapons!
    • Johnny Wander
      Johnny Wander might be about life after college, being a kid, growing up and all the people you meet and all the things that happen in that brave new world. Or it might be about something else entirely.
    • Junior Scientist Power Hour
      Junior Scientist Power Hour was created while Abby was in school studying Evolutionary Biology, drawing comics instead of studying or doing her homework. It is about a great many things, some of them may even be funny!
    • Kiw Blitz
      Kiwi Blitz is what happens when you combine mecha anime and superhero comics, and throw in a dose of unexpected reality.
    • Let's Speak English
      Let's Speak English covers Mary Cagle's adventures teaching English at an elementary school in rural Japan.
    • The Lonely Vincent Bellingham
      Vincent Bellingham is looking for an excuse to disappear, and what's a better excuse than staying with a mysterious vampire and her two monstrous children?
    • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
      Manly Guys is a weekly comic celebrating the finer things in life. Like manly men, lumberjacks, and time traveling special ops agents.
    • Mare Internum
      Mare Internum is a science fiction webcomic about the isolated inhabitants of the planet Mars.
    • Monsterkind
      Wallace Foster, a young, bright eyed, human social worker, has his entire world view rocked when he's suddenly relocated into a city primarily inhabited by monsters.
    • Monster Pulse
      Monster Pulse is a nostalgic coming-of-age adventure about kids with fighting monster pets--monster pets that are literally a part of them. When you're fighting beside your own disembodied heart, things start to get a bit strange...
    • Namesake
      There's ghosts at your heels and fairy tale worlds ahead. What do you do? Jump down the rabbit hole!
    • Never Satisfied
      Apprentice magicians compete for the honor of representing their city to the king, but is that really what's most important?
    • Paranatural
      Paranatural is the story of a bunch of kids and a handful of weird adults dealing with supernatural creatures and crises in a small lakeside town.
    • Prague Race
      Leona finds out she's got a deadly magical parasite from another world. Now she's got one year left to live her life to the fullest.
    • The Rock Cocks (NSFW)
      After losing everything, Steg the drummer and Suria the guitarist decide to take their punk rock band on the road.
    • Skullkickers
      In Skullkickers, two hard-headed mercenaries kill monsters and cause havoc in their search for money, fame and adventure.
    • Sleepless Domain
      Sleepless Domain is a comic about an isolated city in the middle of a dangerous world filled with monsters. During the day, the city is perfectly safe. At night, however, the populace locks themselves inside as the city streets fill with monsters. The only ones who can combat these creatures are very special girls with the power to transform into Magical Girls!
    • Solstoria
      A girl wishes to become a knight after her brother goes missing in order to unravel the mystery of their world and his disappearance.
    • Spinnerette
      Spider-powered superhero comedy about Ohio's number three hero!
    • Stand Still Stay Silent
      A postapocalyptic adventure story set in the Nordic countries a few generations after the end of the world. A small, poorly financed research crew is sent out to rediscover whatever is left of the forbidden old world in the south.
    • Supernormal Step
      Superheroes, magic, monsters, and robots. The story of a girl trapped in another dimension and trying to punch her way out.
    • Three Panel Soul
      A comic that discusses the philosophical concept of the soul, in three panel installments.
    • Unsounded (NSFW)
      Daughter of the Lord of Thieves, Sette Frummagem is on a mission, and she'll lie, cheat, and steal to make sure it's a success (she'll lie, cheat, and steal anyway). Condemned to aid her in her rotten endeavours is a rotten corpse who seems oddly talented with the supernatural, and oddly not laying motionless in the dirt.
      The road is long and no one is what they seem. Never trust a thief, and never trust anyone who won't let you look into their eyes.
    • Vibe
      Baron Bones is a modern-day witch doctor who fights people's emotional baggage, literally.
    • Whomp!
      A gag-a-day comic that chronicles the real, surreal, and unreal misadventures of a fat guy who loves anime and McNuggets and fears all else.

    If you feel there is a mistake or that I have missed something, then let me know and I will place said webcomic in the appropriate list.

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  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    Demon did nothing wrong except be pretty bad in just about every aspect.

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  • SCREECH OF THE FARGSCREECH OF THE FARG #1 PARROTHEAD margaritavilleRegistered User regular
    ask your doctor about gay angst

  • CorporateLogoCorporateLogo The toilet knows how I feelRegistered User regular
    I ship Demon and Cucumber Quest

    Do not have a cow, mortal.

  • BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Registered User regular
    Demon did nothing wrong except be pretty bad in just about every aspect.

    kind of like hitler!
    in that the art is also bad

  • ElaroElaro Apologetic Registered User regular
    Oh wow, this is actually a pretty good OP.

    Lacks "bitchin'"s, though.


    Children's rights are human rights.
  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    Nice try @elaro

  • ElaroElaro Apologetic Registered User regular
    I die postin' eternal, surfin' on the fumes of my hog, ridin' fast and clear on the information superhighway!

    Children's rights are human rights.
  • GvzbgulGvzbgul Registered User regular
    A+ OP

  • Dr. FlamingoDr. Flamingo 49 Gilded Disc Perceives the Sun Registered User regular
    Wait wait wait, the last thread left me with a hanging question: THERE WERE MORE PAGES TO THAT BAGEL WORLD COMIC!?

  • GvzbgulGvzbgul Registered User regular
  • RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
    I read the last few days of CAD. Art is still good, jokes are quite thin.

    Lightsaber and gun made me chuckle.

    But aghast at how good he made ten years of his work look in the collector's edition.

  • OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular

    Well, someone's gonna get their painted-on teeth kicked in.

  • Moth 13Moth 13 Registered User regular
    Hey Kana I think Robo and Shadow should be updated to "Hella Gay!", since Shadow is a male glass-eyed-person and Robo identifies as male.

  • ronyaronya Arrrrrf. the ivory tower's basementRegistered User regular
    Gvzbgul wrote: »
    The D&D way means you can still quote posts from the last thread, which is handy*, but I still prefer the SE++ way, less confusing.
    *Unless there's a way to easily quote posts from closed threads that I am ignorant of.


    Copy the quote link from the old thread. Quote any post in the new thread. Change the ####### after "Comment_" in the URL to point to the old quote link.

  • ronyaronya Arrrrrf. the ivory tower's basementRegistered User regular
    ronya wrote: »


    North World: Epic of Conrad ran as a webcomic in 2007-2008. The original webcomic site is now down, but the comic is available on the author's website. It has also been published by Oni Press as a paperback

  • statlerstatler Registered User regular

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  • ThetherooThetheroo Registered User regular
    Webcomics turned me gay

  • UnbrokenEvaUnbrokenEva HIGH ON THE WIRE BUT I WON'T TRIP ITRegistered User regular
    @Kana, that is a top-notch OP, well done

  • KilroyKilroy timaeusTestified Registered User regular
    Thetheroo wrote: »
    Webcomics turned me gay


    BahamutZEROPanda4YouSpeed RacerWeedLordVegetaKwoaru
  • Duke 2.0Duke 2.0 Time Trash Cat Registered User regular
    edited January 2016

    Transcend all hopes and despairs, disappear gods, live as you die

    Kill Six Billion Demons

    Hella gay?: Everything and nothing at once, the sexuality of the fluid cosmos and the desiring apathy of YUSIN knows no bounds or infinities

    Duke 2.0 on
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  • ThetherooThetheroo Registered User regular
    Not even really joking that much. Before I started to read as many webcomics I was of the opinion that all dude butts were gross and I wanted nothing to do with them.

    Now I see the light that hot butts surround us at all times and why do I have to be so judgemental over who they are attached to?

  • RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
    iothera updated and there are no boobies or crotch bits anywher.....found the dildo.
    So iothera which is not safe for work, finally updated and its huge. There is a dildo so I cannot post it.

  • FakefauxFakefaux Cóiste Bodhar Driving John McCain to meet some Iraqis who'd very much like to make his acquaintanceRegistered User regular
    Gvzbgul wrote: »

    Rather surprised Stone survived his close call with Jenkins, though he does seem to be missing some bits.

  • SnowglobeSnowglobe Registered User regular
    Wait wait wait, the last thread left me with a hanging question: THERE WERE MORE PAGES TO THAT BAGEL WORLD COMIC!?

    Yeah, but it died a hiatus death years ago, I just tried the website and couldn't even get it to load. The same person did complete another webcomic called Para-ten, if people like the style

    fake edit: ...except that site's broken too, apparently.

  • RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    Whose child was Marta's?

    We haven't seen her in the strip before, but from the way Fugue said that he sent the others after her son, I'm assuming her son is the Phagocyte.

  • BrainleechBrainleech 機知に富んだコメントはここにあります Registered User regular

  • BlueBlueBlueBlue Registered User regular
    don't worry everyone they're going to die horribly soon

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  • TheySlashThemTheySlashThem Registered User regular
    this is a natural conversation to have as a result of someone littering

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  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    this is a natural conversation to have as a result of someone littering

    The coffee must have been from Arby's.

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  • jamsyjamsy Somewhere in AsiaRegistered User regular
    That's a very ... wordy page.

    Currently playing Brave Frontier & THE ALCHEMIST CODE - woop!
  • BrainleechBrainleech 機知に富んだコメントはここにあります Registered User regular
    jamsy wrote: »
    That's a very ... wordy page.

    Virus Comix has not updated in sometime

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    this is a natural conversation to have as a result of someone littering

    Look at this fancy man. Didn't come from a family that argues all the time over nothing. Thinks he's better than us.
    F'real tho, let me tell you about the time my now estranged brother wanted to argue about the way I placed my food in the microwave. He thought it was inefficient to put the food in the center. It wasn't even his food! Or his microwave!

  • PikaPuffPikaPuff Registered User regular
    edited January 2016
    female gender sure do talk a lot huh
    male gender sure can't handle a lot of talk

    PikaPuff on
  • Lord_AsmodeusLord_Asmodeus goeticSobriquet: Here is your magical cryptic riddle-tumour: I AM A TIME MACHINERegistered User regular
    edited January 2016
    Brainleech wrote: »
    jamsy wrote: »
    That's a very ... wordy page.

    Virus Comix has not updated in sometime

    Does the guy who does this comic do art for Cracked stuff too? I swear I've seen a very similar art style to this on a lot of After Hours episodes.

    Lord_Asmodeus on
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