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Here is my situation:

I know a woman who came to me and asked to borrow abut $1700 last year for bills and she and her husband said she would pay me back;

About 2 weeks later her husband passed away suddenly;

I told her not to worry about the money right now;

I then helped her by giving her $2500 more to build a deck her husband wanted to build before he passed;

I gave her 500 more in cash to help her at her funeral;

As time passed, I asked her if she would like to do some part time work on a online chat site for my business just sitting at home when she wanted to type and answer online chats;

She said yes and I said I will pay you 100 a week or so and she said - I do not want paid;

I offered twice to pay her, but she said no;

Her daughter said she probably feels she needs to pay me back what I borrowed her before her husbands passing or somehting like that - I did not know;

Anyway time passes;

I make photo booth machines and thought it would be a good idea to maybe give her one as a xmas or birthday gift - these are worth $6500;

Anyway, 6 months later now she is behind on her bills and has no income and her siblings are now telling me I owe her 6 months money!

I dont feel I owe her anything at all!

Does she owe me the money I gave her?

this is a mess and I hope I can get a answer here;

thank you


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    You need to talk to a lawyer.

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    See Handgimp's post.

    Also if she was doing work for your business and you weren't paying her I would worry about this going legal. Even if she was to just hand that cash back to you as you paid her you'd still be employing her under the table and a report to the IRS could have unpleasant consequences for you. I can't really say exactly but....
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    You need to talk to a lawyer.

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    This is too much of a legal issue for the forums to handle. Seek Legal advice from a licensed professional in your area.

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