Best Friend cats no longer like each other I can haz helpz?

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So, big cat lover here, have had a cat almost my entire life. Currently have four of the nutballs. The oldest is just big ol laid back black ball of fur that just chills all day. Second is gray tabby who is affectinate and very docile and non-aggressive. Other two are twin orange tabbies that we got maybe two years ago. All have been getting along fine.


One of the youngins snuck outside and was out a bout an hour before we found her and brought here in. Once inside she was scared and was a bit aggressive to everyone and everything. This is fine now, she seems to be back to 'normal'. I think during her time of fury though she has scared the shit out of our gray tabby and she will not leave the living room and freaks out whenever she sees any of the other cats. This went on for almost two weeks now. She has urinated on the floor twice(I think she is scared to go downstairs where the litter box is). Wife is wanting to rehome her but I want to aviod that(she is pretty much MY cat, curls up on me to sleep often, etc.)

Not sure what to do, really do not want to rehome her but not sure how long we can deal with her freak outs either.

I am TORN.

Any ideas ye olde Penny Arcadians?

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    Take her to a vet to make sure she is not freaking out for a medical reason. Physical discomfort can understandably make a cat fearful and it's not like they can tell you it burns when they pee or whatever.

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    Basically, smells have changed and everyone is upset. You're looking at, essentially, re-introducing your cats to each other. Given enough time they should get back to normal but stress levels are high, that's why they're acting out

    Get her checked out, get her a litter box she's willing to go to and have patience with her

    Re-homing would probably just make the issue worse

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    She has urinated on the floor twice(I think she is scared to go downstairs where the litter box is).

    So on this one I think there is a really easy answer assuming you're saying what I think you are. There is only 1 litter box for 4 cats? No where near enough. The wisdom I've heard on this issue is one litter box per cat at least, plus one extra. So 4 cats mean 5 litter boxes. Even if you do rehome (I hope you don't!), that's still 4 litter boxes you should have in the house. At the very, very minimum there should be a litter box both upstairs and downstairs in a two-story house, if cats are in both places.

    Smell means something different to cats than they do to humans, and peeing is one way for them to feel safe. If you have a litter box nearby, that makes the safe space always near. It's also a good idea to not have your litter boxes covered while the kitty is re-adjusting to things - if baby kitty is afraid, being in an enclosed space will not be something she will want to do.

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    Also, once the litter part is taken care of, if that's not enough to reset things you may need to do some more drastic "reintroduction" therapy with the kitty. That means stuff like putting him in a room, by himself, that has the smells of the other cats on it (and let the other cats stay in his room during that time) to get them back to recognizing the smells as normal. It may involve feeding the cats with a barrier like a door in between the feedings, so they can smell each other but not see, and can begin to recognize each others smells as something good. Then eventually you change the solid barrier to a see-through barrier (like a kid gate) and continue the feeding pattern. You can also try switching out favorite toys between the kitties to spread the smells that way. All this stuff does work, but it takes time and patience.

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