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[PC] Vigilantes: A Crime Themed Turn Based Tactical RPG [Demo | Kickstarter]



  • TimeslipTimeslip Donegal, IrelandRegistered User regular
    New Trailer!

    Here's an updated release trailer. Hope you enjoy and comments are welcome! Steam release is scheduled for 4th October.

    Here's a link to the steam page, in case you'd like to learn more about Vigilantes.

    Developer of Vigilantes and Deadstone. Vigilantes currently on Steam Early Access!
  • pichuscutepichuscute IndianaRegistered User regular
    That roof area in this last video reminds me of Mirror's Edge. I very much like Mirror's Edge haha.

    A developer on the typing dungeon crawler Backspace Bouken!

    Fav game series: Zelda, Mario Kart, WipEout, Final Fantasy, SMT, Custom Robo, Mirror's Edge.
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