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How much flow is too much flow in a fish tank?

Gabriel_PittGabriel_Pitt (effective against Russian warships)Registered User regular
Background: I picked up a used 55 gallon tank, along with with a Whisper 60 air pump (that's the one with two separate air outlets), and a Sunsun 704B canister filter. I'm taking my time in setting up the tank. It's got some plants, a couple of algae balls, and a couple dozen cherry shrimp. Along with a sprinkler bar on the canister, I've got a long airstone on one line in the back middle, and a small one on the other in the back corner. The shrimp don't seem particularly bothered, but watching little bits of debris or plants bits shows that the currents in the tank are... vigorous.

I'm going to add fish at some point, and I'm wondering if the water is going to be _too_ active. I figured with the canister filter, the water was going to get plenty of agitation, but the pump came with the tank and hey, bubbles! Should I take out the airstones and leave things a little calmer, or should the additional agitation not be an issue?

Also, any recommendations on tank mates? Looking into what fish would do well sharing tank space with the shrimp and not treat it as buffet time, a half dozen dwarf corydoras, one dwarf gourami, and/or maybe some neon or cardnial tetras (but where the shrimp and other fish tend towards neutral to slightly alkaline water, the tetras like it on the acidic side so maybe not a good idea) seem like they would be good choices for a tank that's going to stay around 78F with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH.


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    FiendishrabbitFiendishrabbit Registered User regular
    Emerald Rasboras (which aren't actually rasboras, thus the liking for somewhat alkaline water) and rainbowfish (although probably the tiny kind, and never more than a single male) tend to work well with other fish.

    Dunno about the flow.

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